These Couples Are Expecting A New Baby, And They've Come Up With The Funniest Ways Of Announcing It.

As social media has become increasingly popular, so has digitally sharing photos with friends and family. With today’s technology it only takes a few clicks of a button to share a picture with everyone at once – what better way to announce that your family is expecting a new addition.

Check out the epic baby announcements below. One thing is for sure: these babies will be born to creative parents. 

Eviction Notice

This little girl was not happy to be evicted from her crib. Don’t worry, sweet girl, you’ll have a new room soon. 

Twin Surprise 

Dad wasn’t going to let a little morning sickness stop him from celebrating…until he found out they were expecting twins. 

New Phones

This baby is definitely going to be tech-savvy. 

Guessing Game

Starting a life with laughter, is there any better way?

Mario & Luigi

This Mario is ready for his Luigi. 

28 Days Late: The Movie

Now, what to call the sequel?

Welcome to the Game

In a family like this, liking video games is not an option…it’s destiny. 

For Math Whizzes Only

Your friends and family will have to do a bit of math to figure out these announcements. 


Cute Laundry

Why don’t they make mouse socks for moms and dads? 

X-Ray Pumpkin

Whoever carved this pumpkin has some great skills. 

Goodbye, Freedom

These parents have decided to be realistic about their future. 

Raised on Coffee

Ah, Starbucks: they have something for the whole family. 

Bump Ahead

Babies are quite the journey. 

Ice Ice Baby

These Vanilla Ice fans found a way to let their favorite song do the announcing. 

Funny Sign

It might not be the classiest way to tell your mom that you are pregnant, but it does take courage. 

Baking Buns

Where do you find a maternity costume like this? 


New Partner in Crime

This might be the first baby ever born with a criminal record. 

Mid-Day Nap

Sorry dad, this might be the last nap you take for a very long time. 

Important Schooling 

Even the dog is interested in these secrets about new baby sister. 


Mom looks happy. She must already know it’s not twins again. 

How To Inflate a Wife

What a creative photo series – this couple is obviously going to be awesome parents. 

What creative baby announcements have you seen? Share them in the comment section below. And don’t forget to share these hilarious images with expectant friends and family. 

Credit: 22 Words

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