These Dollar Store Hacks Make Parenting Easier Than Ever

It's no secret — having kids is expensive. From diapers and wipes to bottles and clothes, expenses can start to add up super quick. Saving a few dollars can be hard to do, but there are certain tricks to making your life a whole lot easier as a parent. All it takes is a little creativity to keep you — and the kids — happy. 

These hacks for parents are incredibly efficient, and they make taking care of your kids a lot easier for only a few bucks! Take a ride to your nearest dollar store to stock up on these helpful tools, and make family time even more organized!

1. Beach Day Doesn't Have To Be A Disaster

The Idea Room

Purchase a few mesh laundry bags to easily tote all of your beach toys without creating a sandy mess. Just shake the sand out and you're on your way!

2. Gain Control Of Your Tupperware Collection

Delightful Order

Use a few plastic bins to separate and organize all of your Tupperware once and for all. No more searching endlessly for that missing lid — or that elusive sippy cup!

3. Road Trips With Kids Revolutionized

DIY & Crafts

If you have kids, you are required to tote around a ton of stuff at all times, and this simple organizer from the dollar store makes a world of a difference!


4. Fast Food Never Seemed So Convenient

Lookie What I Did

A dollar store shower caddy can make fast food meals a breeze while on a road trip with the family. You may actually keep the fries in their mouths instead of the seat cushions. 

5. Back To School Is A Breeze

Day by Day Discoveries

With the wide range of school supplies needed for each child, a dish rack from the dollar store can keep every child's supplies in place when they are ready to learn!

6. Keep Your Baby's Legs Cozy

Your Baby Days

Create a pair of baby leg warmers by purchasing a pair of tube socks and cutting off the feet portion of the sock. Your baby will look cute and they will stay warm in the process!

7. Keep Your Space Clean And Your Toys Tidy

Purchase a plastic soap container to organize a pack of playing cards or loose art supplies. Your kids can easily help with putting their toys away, and your house will stay spotless!


8. Burner Covers Make For Interactive Play

A few cheap burner covers can be turned into magnet holders. Encourage your child's imagination while keeping their small trinkets in a safe spot!

9. Arts And Crafts The Easy Way

Teach Junkie

A few plastic popsicle trays can serve as crayon holders. Organize them by color so your children can make their latest masterpiece without any trouble!

10. Never Lose Another Hair Tie Again!

The Idea Room

A simple craft storage container can help you to keep all ponytail holders and accessories in one place. You no longer have to search for that missing hairpiece — just make sure to put them all away at night!

Being a parent can be tiring, but these dollar store hacks can make your job a lot easier!

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