These Epic Ebay Fails Are So Bad, They're Downright Hilarious

Scanning the internet for second-hand bargains has become a way of life for many people and that's all thanks to eBay.

The auction site was one of the very first Internet projects to really catch the public's imagination and even now years later, they're still selling an awful lot of stuff.

However, hidden among the many bargains to be found on eBay there are still some straight up nightmare items. These buyers found some of those things and we think they'll make you laugh and be very glad that you didn't pick them up instead. Check them out.

1. The Coat Of Shame


You know that the coat is really bad when the person who receives it removes their own face from the photo before posting it online.

2. Ebay's Big Mouth Is Too Much


Nice work there, customer service folks. Do you habitually spoil other people's surprises or was this a special occasion? These reps need a refresher in customer care.

3. The Wilting Lion Flower


The picture advertising this product makes it look so awesome and super-friendly. The reality is like something out of a deranged Wizard of Oz.

4. There's No Diet In The World Gonna Work For These


You can try and slim down to get into a slightly-too-small item, but when you order clothes for you and get clothes for Barbie, it's time to ask for a refund.


5. They're Joking, We Think


It appears that this is a dog in a wig. We think the original poster probably didn't get this off eBay but it's funny to consider that they might have.

6. Steve Jobs' Chinese Counterpart, Steve No Jobs?


This wonderful $5 iPad was bought from an eBay seller in Hong Kong. We like the effort that the seller has gone to to preserve the original Apple packaging

7. The Oh Please No, Send Them Back Shoes


It's nice that this eBay seller wanted to keep these shoes in shape in transit; it's what he stuffed them with that's not so nice. Yuck.

8. Eminem Lays Down The Ebay Law


It appears that Eminem has had enough of signing items only for them to turn up being sold for cash elsewhere. Maybe he'd be happier if he got a cut?

9. Seems Legit.

Daily Mail

This one made national news when a guy managed to spend a lot of money on a photocopy of a picture of a MacBook Air rather than an actual MacBook Air.

10. No Really, There's Plenty Of Room


This guy decided that he'd need a tent for a music festival. So he bought one for two people -- two very little people. Yes, this is a children's play tent.


11. Minimalism Ate My Homework


This might be the best excuse for not doing your homework ever. "Where is it?" 

"At home, miss. It wouldn't fit in my bag, honest."

12. Sometimes You Get A Little Extra


Of course, just because something is free, it doesn't mean that you want it. On the bright side, at least scissors can fix this problem.

13. The Smallest Lawn Furniture Ever


This person had visions of cocktails on the deck, leaning back and soaking up rays of sun. Now her doll collection will be doing that while she watches. 

14. Game Of Fails?


This dress looked perfect in the picture, but when it arrived it became clear that it would only be good for a low budget Game of Thrones costume party.

15. Can't Sweep This Under The Carpet


And you probably can't sweep it under the rug, either. If you're shopping on eBay today and you don't see a size specified for an item, you might want to ask before you buy. 

It's quite incredible what you can find lurking on eBay if you're not careful. Just remember, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. 

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