These Exotic Fruits Are Rare And Bursting With Insane Flavor!

It's no secret that the daily consumption of fresh fruit has a wide range of health benefits. A great alternative when you are craving a sweet snack, fruit is naturally low in calories and fat. Fruit provides the body with powerful nutrients such as vitamin C, fiber, and potassium. 

Although you may be a fan of a banana for breakfast or an apple as a quick mid-day snack, you may want to expand your palette to a different range of exotic fruits. These fruits are rare, and they will excite your taste buds with a new perspective on flavor! 

1. These Berries Put A Sweet Spell On You

Miracle Fruit Farm

The Miracle fruit gets its name from its ability to work magic on your taste buds. Whatever you eat an hour after you consume one of these berries will taste sweet, no matter what it is. 

2. Jackfruit Is A Jack Of All Trades


Jackfruit can be up to three feet in length and weight up to 70 pounds, and they taste like a mixture of banana, mango, and pineapple. Fry up the seeds to get a taste of chocolatey goodness — this epic fruit has it all!

3. These Bananas Pack A Flavorful Punch


Red bananas contain a massive amount of potassium and vitamin C — more than their yellow counterparts — and they have the taste of mango or raspberries. 


4. The Jabuticaba Is A Healing Grape

Mother Nature Network

Jabuticaba looks like a juicy grape, and it is mainly used to make jellies, liqueurs, and even wine. The dried skin of the Jabuticaba is even used as an asthma treatment in Brazil.

5. The Cherimoya Will Curb Your Ice Cream Craving

Health Beckon

This fruit is extremely creamy, and to top its melt-in-your-mouth consistency, it also is known to be a fever reducer. Just avoid the seeds — they are poisonous!

6. The Scent Of The Durian Is Misleading


The Durian fruit has a distinct smell of sulfur, but its delectable taste of different nuts and cheese makes up for the awful odor. It also has hints of different fruit, making this fruit extremely versatile!

7. The Kiwano Is One Refreshing Melon


Kiwano, or African horned cucumber, tastes like cucumber, banana, and kiwi fruit all rolled into one. It's definitely the ideal fruit for a hot summer day!


8. Buddha’s Hand Is The Most Fragrant Of Fruit

The Tree Center

Buddha’s hand is as eye-catching as it is fragrant, and it is known to have a distinct scent of violet. It contains very little lemony pulp, so the yellow "fingers" are mainly used when cooking fish or fixing salads. 

9. Use The Tamarillo For A Savory And Sweet Dishes

Zoom's Edible Plants

Tamarillo has the taste of a sweet tomato as well as hints of passion fruit, making it a versatile fruit for dinner and dessert. It makes a magnificent sweet and sour garnish!

10. Be Careful Of This Fruit's Scaly Skin

My Bali Guide

Salak is also known as snake fruit, and this is due to its scaly skin that can be prickly to peel. This odd fruit tastes of pineapples, banana, and nuts. 

These unusual fruits are bound to take you on a vast flavor journey that will change how you view citrus!

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