These Eyes May Look Photoshopped. But Just Wait Until You Read This Kitty's Story

When a classic tabby named Matilda came home to her "servants" (who call themselves the Lady and the Bearded Man), she was just 12 weeks old. Soon, she started having a squinty eye. It wasn't long after that her pupil became alarmingly large.

The Lady and the Bearded Man took Matilda to a veterinary ophthalmologist where she was diagnosed with retinal detachment in both eyes. She also had spontaneous lens luxation, detaching the lenses in her eyes. 


Surgery would be traumatic and painful for Matilda. After much deliberation, the Lady and the Bearded Man decided to let Matilda's eye follow its natural course.

Although she went blind, she seemed perfectly content and learned to navigate her way around just fine. Her big alien eyes are actually very healthy and her daily eyedrops prevent any future problems. 

Still, her devoted servants have set aside money for a surgery, should Matilda ever need it. Matilda's adoring fans donated so much money to her fundraising page that Matilda's humans are now giving the extra funds to an animal welfare charity.


Her servants love her and will care for her "for however long this little alien is here."

Credit: Alien Cat Matilda

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