These Facts About How To Make Food Taste Better Are Undeniable

There are "facts" and then there areĀ the facts. Some "facts" are life changing and of vital importance to individuals and even to nations.

Some facts are much, much less important. It is to those "facts" to which we turn now. You see, there are "facts" about food, like "eating vegetables is good for you," but they're not very interesting facts.

These 15 amazing food "facts" are less obvious and less dull, but when you see them, you will instantly appreciate the truth of them. We certainly did. We hope that you enjoy them as much as we did.

1. Mini M&M's


Maybe it's because you can get more of them in your hand for the same money, but Mini M&M's are far superior to the ordinary ones.

2. The Color Boost


There's no denying it, when you see a hint of color in the frosting on your Oreo's, you know they're going to be better than the ordinary ones. 

3. To Cap It Off


Put Gatorade in some unusual packaging and add a funny top for drinking through and what have you got? Better tasting Gatorade, that's what. 

4. The Illusion Of Choice


They're all water, right? But we all know deep down in our souls that none of these waters taste the same, don't we?


5. It's Not What You Eat, It's The Way That You Eat It


We all know that you can make pudding taste better in an instant by switching out a metal spoon and replacing it with a plastic one. 

6. Any Way You Slice It


We know that it shouldn't make the slightest bit of difference, but it does. When you slice an apple, it tastes better than a whole apple. 

7. Spot The Difference


There is no difference, right? They're the same juice. So why do they taste completely different depending on the container that they're in?

8. The Cruelest Cut


Why is it that the last slice of bread in any given sliced loaf is the least appealing thing ever to have been placed in a kitchen?

9. Avocado Time


Why is it that a beautiful tasty avocado can transform itself into something so awful, in such a short space of time? Nothing else does this.

10. The Shape Of Dinners To Come


There's an undeniable rightness about the simple childhood assertion that pasta tastes better when you make it into silly shapes. Now pass the dinosaur mac 'n' cheese, please. 


11. Your Cup Hates You


We've all seen liquid do this when we've tried to pour it, why does it hate us? How can this even happen when there's gravity?

12. The Container Counts


Take any ordinary beverage and place it in a glass bottle. Now it tastes at least twice as good as did it before, doesn't it? Why?

13. Green Magic


Take one large bowl of spinach and then add it to one hot frying pan and a tiny bit of oil and "presto!" The spinach has all disappeared. 

14. The Best Way


Why is it that a tree or egg-shaped Reese's beats the little peanut butter cup shaped one every single time? We don't know either, but they do.

15. Cereal At Night


There's something about eating cereal at night. It just tastes better. We think that has something to do with knowing that it's just a little bit "naughty."

OK, they're not quite facts, but as alternative facts, they're undeniably true, aren't they? 

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