These Firemen And Police Officers Made The Most Hilarious Music Video To "Uptown Funk"

Let's take a moment to acknowledge all the hard work that first responders put in every day. If you're looking for real-life superheroes, look no further. These men and women deal with more stress in a day than many of us do in a whole year, and they take it all in stride because they know that people's lives are in their hands.

Still, that doesn't mean they can't also cut loose and have fun. In fact, with all that they deal with on a daily basis, I'd say it's essential. So how do they get their kicks? Well, if you're one of the first responders from the Rock County Department of Public Safety in Janesville, Wisconsin, you cut a rug and show off your best dance moves to the sounds of Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk!"

The whole department took to the streets to shoot their video, and you can just tell how proud they are of their community. Plus, how great is it to see police officers and firefighters mingling together in such a positive setting? Usually, when these groups come together, something tragic has happened, but today, it's all smiles! 

Heck, even McGruff the Crime Dog and Sparky the Fire Dog got in on the fun! Who knew these mascots had such great moves?

These first responders are simply awesome, and the fun doesn't stop here. They've uploaded a whole lot more hilarious videos full of comedy and their great lip syncing skills here, all of which are definitely worth a watch.

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H/T: Rock County Communications Center

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