These Five Friends Have Taken The Same Picture Every Five Years Since 1982

It's a scene right out of a classic 80s movie: five coming-of-age friends take a trip to a cabin. They've been friends throughout high school. One says what they are all thinking: "In 20 years, what if we all don't know each other?"

Vowing to stay in touch with each other despite the different directions their new adult lives were sure to take, these friends -- John Wardlaw, Mark Runner, Dallas Burney, John Molony and John Dickson -- agreed to meet up every five years, same time, same place. And they took the same picture, every single time.

Amazingly, these guys have been keeping this up since 1982. When you look at all of these in a row as they recreate the same photo, you can see these boys become men right before your eyes. 

1982: 19 years old and freshly graduated.


1987: 24 years old. Look at the haircuts on the guys on the left!

1992: 29 years old. By this point, everyone agreed that the shirtless portion had been played out.

1997: 34 years old. They've begun to have their own families, but they still come out.

2002: 39 years old. Now they are starting to really look like dads!


2007: 44 years old. Still going strong!

2012: 49 years old. Let's mention that second from left has long ago ditched the buzz cut, but check out the moustache! Here is to another 30 years!

It's an impressive collection and the five friends intend on doing this forever. What a great way to stay in touch with old friends.  

Credit: Photographic Memories

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