These Five Women Are The Last People On Earth Born In The 1800s. This Is Their Secret To Long Life.

Forget lying about your age when you've lived more than 100 years, you own that number. Meet the amazing women who have surpassed the three-digit age and entered 2015 as the only living people born in the 1800s.

Chew on this one for a second: these women lived to see every single year of the 1900s. Two World Wars, the invention of the airplane and the internet and a whopping 20 presidents.

Their secret to longevity? They all agree on getting enough sleep, staying active, exercising daily and eating well.

115-Year-Old Susannah Mushatt Jones From The United States. She Was Born On July 6, 1899.


She’s The World’s Oldest Living Person: 116-Year-Old Misao Okawa From Japan, Born On March 5, 1898.

116-Year-Old Gertrude Weaver, Is The Second-Oldest Person In The World And The Oldest Person In America. She was born On July 4, 1898.

115-Year-Old Emma Morano From Italy. She’s The Oldest Person In Europe, Born On November 29, 1899.


115-Year-Old Jeralean Talley From The United States. Born On May 23, 1899.

Happy 2015, you amazing ladies.

Credit: Bored Panda

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