These Friends Had A Crazy Idea One Day. When They Got Together, They Ended Up Creating This.

Amsterdam art collective We Make Carpets takes everyday objects and arranges them in a carpet pattern that's downright magical. 

From a distance, the works look exactly like artistically woven carpets. Only up close can you see what they're made of: empty bottles, umbrellas, Qtips.

The work isn't glued down or separated with a barrier. It's meant to be fleeting and ephemeral. They want to bring attention to the beauty in "junk".

They say a normal day in the studio is like this: “Bob holds a soldering iron. Marcia and Stijn are bending iron wires … There is no design. The material, location and size are set but other than that they work intuitively. Anyone can begin. In the centre. Follow long days on their knees or in other uncomfortable positions. Often till deep at night. It’s a bit like meditating. We work in unity, always with the three of us, hardly taking any breaks.”

Crayon Carpet, comprising 16,000 crayons and covering 40 square meters.


Fork Carpet.

Disposable Carpet.

Pasta Carpet.

Their first carpet was made in 2009 when they were collaborating in the "Instant Nature" Exhibition during the year's Dutch Design Week. They stuck together and developed their collaboration, making more and more of their carpets.


Band-aid Carpet.

Clean Carpet.

"Brick Carpet" was their first commissioned piece, outdoors and made of more permanent materials. The piece took six days and two truckloads of bricks. 

Credit: We Make Carpets

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