These Geniuses Used Their Powers For Evil In The Funniest Way

Some folks like to use their power for good every single day. Most of those people are lovely—but too much of a good thing can turn you sour.

Others recognize that deep down in their souls, there is a dark side to being human. However, instead of turning into a serial killer or a bank robber, they choose to use their powers of evil to make people laugh instead (not always intentionally, though).

Here we have several examples of these people and their handiwork. We hope that you enjoy them as much as we did. Come and take a closer look.

1. Everyone Else Can See What He's Doing


The sign is pretty funny when you think about it—unless you are the guy behind them, then maybe not. This is trolling to the next level.

2. The Sweet Toothed Thief


So, you've got healthy yogurt and then you've got unhealthy, with very tasty chocolate and vanilla bits. If you've got a pair of scissors? Winning.

3. The Tyranny Of Tyrannosaurs


We have to admire the idea of being able to put a small child into detention just using plastic toys. Maybe they could use these on airplanes?

4. The Devil's iPhone Bargain


Next time you see a cheap deal on the internet, it might be time to remember what this lady got for her money when she went with the budget option.


5. The Anti-Grocer Strikes Out


We quite like cauliflower, but we do have to laugh at this sign. We also very much like cookies, too, and at least now we know where to find them.

6. The Cruelest Breakup In History


There's cold and then there's having a snack as your now ex-girlfriend sobs her heart out next to you. That's below freezing.

7. Mastery Of Laziness


Yes, that's not any old box being used as a makeshift chair—it's a box containing a chair. There's probably something philosophical about this whole thing, but we're not sure what it would be.

8. The Reflection Of Truth


Yes, they taped a mirror inside of the box and wrote "smile." This would have been only slightly funny if it weren't for the over the top reaction. Now it's really funny.

9. The Satisfaction Of The French Fry Thief


It shames us to admit it, but we can't think of anyone who hasn't done this at some point. It's the privilege of being the one who pays, right?

10. The Best AND Worst Pancakes In History


We're guessing that "breakfast syrup" is some type of maple syrup—which is good, but... you might end up pouring barbecue sauce all over your pancakes because of this design disaster.


11. The Candy Knave Strikes


We don't know why someone would take Reese's Pieces, M&M's and Skittles and mix them together, but we can imagine it's an unpleasant surprise if you haven't looked carefully before you eat.

12. When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Teddy Bears


This gangland photo appears to have lost its menace since a friend with Photoshop got hold of it. The two puppets are called Sooty and Sweep and they're very famous on children's television in Britain.

13. The Mom Who Hunger Trolls


This may just be a less-than-subtle way of reminding this child that they need to learn to shop for themselves, but it's also really mean too.

14. The Cat You Can't Cat-ch


If this cat were to close its eyes it would be absolutely invisible. It might be time to take a leaf out of Pepe Le Pew's book and give it a white stripe.

15. The Worst Dog Salesperson Ever


In fairness the dog may not be a "golden retriever," but it does look like a happy and friendly and well-loved pet, that's probably a win even if the owner was conned. 

We hope that these made you laugh and also that no one plays tricks on you today. 

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