These Glass Bottle Upcycles Are Perfect For All Those Empties You're Going To Have After Christmas

Glass bottles are one of the best ways to store liquids. Glass has a lot of benefits over plastic or metal, chief of which is that its chemically stable nature ensures that your wine, juice, water or whatever is going to taste exactly like it did before it went in the bottle. Plastics and metals can leech various chemicals into liquids that alter their taste, and some research has also suggested these chemicals could be harmful to our health in high quantities. One notable exception is leaded crystal. While this upgraded cousin to ordinary glass has some desirable properties, like its ability to reflect light almost like a diamond, the lead used to create this beautiful effect can and does transfer into liquid. Still, your average crystal goblet at dinner is perfectly safe and nothing to be worried about.

The one big downside to glass is almost as obvious as its major benefits. It’s still there long after you’re done with it. Glass is theoretically the perfect recyclable. It can be melted down and reformed over and over with no loss of quality. But it takes energy to do that, and that’s only after hundreds of men and women have sorted it for color, complex machines have eliminated contaminants and the ground up glass has sat out in the sun for a while to allow UV rays to destroy any remaining traces of undesirable material. Glass containers are also the heaviest by volume of the most commonly used materials and so all that glass in your recycling bin ends up using more fuel to reach the reprocessing facilities. Sorry if that’s too much school for you, but we wanted to give you a little background on why there’s a very good reason to “upcycle” old glass bottles as opposed to making it someone else’s problem.

Most glass bottles have an elegance and beauty that plastic and metal containers don’t, which makes them perfect for things like these simple, attractive votives.

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Many glass bottle upcycles involve using the wide, cylindrical base of the bottle, but that doesn’t mean the neck has to go to waste.

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While we’ll show you down below how to easily cut bottles, not all of these ideas require it. These cute Christmas decorations just require some paint and a strand of lights!

Cut Out + Keep

Slightly more ambitious concepts grant you stunning results, as these unusual planters show.

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What “man cave” would be complete without a light fixture like this?


Because glass comes in just about every color you can think of, the possibilities for decor are endless.

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Of course, for as many great ways as there are to reuse glass bottles, don’t forget about your plastics. While not as beautiful, they’re easy to work with and can result in many fun and functional items.

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With a little creativity and some well-placed cuts, you can create something so beautiful and unique that people won’t even realize at first that you made it yourself out of essentially garbage.


Maybe we grew up looking at too many still life paintings, but we love a good bottle-based mantelpiece. Doing it yourself means you can vary the style to match the season, or just your radiant personality.

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To learn how to cut a glass bottle using common household items, check out the video below: 

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