These Grocery Store Hacks Will Change Humanity For The Better

Grocery shopping can become hectic and overwhelming. Trying to find everything you need in the store while keeping track of a budget and trying not to forget any essential items can be extremely stressful! It's time to take the guesswork out of every shopping trip with these 15 grocery store hacks. Keeping these simple tips in mind will help your shopping go smoother and prevent any unneeded stress. Getting your shopping completed without losing your cool is easier than you think! It's vital to avoid being the person in #6 — being courteous of other shoppers is more important than you realize!

1. Keep Your Kids Contained

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It may be hard to keep your small children from racing down the aisles, but a little practice or coaching at home can go a long way. Offering a small treat or reward for good behavior can help!

2. Expensive Seafood May Not Be What It Seems


That expensive fish you buy from the market every week? It may be mislabeled. You could be buying a cheaper fish without your knowledge, so it's best to ask if you have any concerns.

3. Sanitize Your Cart At All Costs


Most supermarkets have hand wipes to clean the shopping cart handle before you start to shop. Carry some in your purse just in case the store does not supply them, you don't want to take any new germs home with you.

4. Always Eat Before You Shop!

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You will be less likely to buy impulsively if you shop with a full stomach. Have a decent-sized meal before you leave to go grocery shopping and you will be able to stick to your budget. 

5. Mind Your Manners In The Aisle


The aisles in every supermarket seem extremely small when the store is busy. Try not to park your cart in the way of everyone in the aisle, and try to keep traffic flowing smoothly by keeping it moving. 

6. Don't Take The Express Lane With A Cart Full Of Items


It may be tempting to go through the '20 item or less' checkout lane when you are just a couple items over, but other customers take notice. It's common courtesy to go through the regular lane if you have too many items!


7. Keep Your Space In The Parking Lot


There's nothing more annoying than a vehicle parking over the line. Be sure to only take up one space — or park farther away from the store entrance if you require more room.

8. Double Check Expiration Dates


This is especially imperative when it comes to meat and deli products. You don't want to feed your family something that is no longer edible!

9. Don't Create Your Own Samples

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It may be tempting to dive into that box of cookies you intend to buy, but it may be better to just hold off. Once you get to the car you can have at it!

10. Bag Your Fruits And Veggies Before Reaching Checkout

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Supermarket conveyor belts are filled with germs that your eye can't see. Better to be safe than sorry — bag up your naked fruits and vegetables before placing them on the checkout belt. 

11. Wait Your Turn!


If you are shopping with a friend you may ask them to save your spot in the checkout line, but it's best to refrain from cutting the line. Waiting your turn like everyone else will keep the peace.

12. Not All Coupons Are Created Equal


Although 2-for-1 may seem like a steal, are you spending money on products you don't need? Coupons are a great tool, but you need to make sure you are using them to your advantage. 


13. Save Your Phone Calls For Later


Grocery shopping can be stressful enough, and if you are yelling on your cell phone you are bound to rub people the wrong way. Save all calls for when you get to the car!

14. Kill Them With Kindness


It's important to remember that your cashier is just doing their job, and it's best to remain friendly and upbeat. You may not be getting the sale you want, but a smile goes a long way!

15. Return Your Cart To Its Corral


You don't want an escaped cart to damage the exterior of your car while you are inside, so be sure to return your cart to its proper place to help other customers out.

These grocery store hacks are sure to improve your shopping experience and your fellow customers will thank you. Be sure to SHARE this with your family and friends!

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