These Guys Collected A Ton Of Old Cardboard Boxes, But What They Used Them For Is Totally Unheard Of

Fascinated by Viking rowboats, Imgur user Rdean and his friends wanted to build their very own replica boat. They had all the spirit, the planning and the workspace for it, but there was just one issue. They didn't exactly have access to traditional Viking building materials. 

What's a modern day Viking to do?

Just as the Vikings were resourceful, so were these friends. They vowed to build their ship out of cardboard.

The keel beam and ribs formed the backbone of the boat.

These would be continuously reinforced as the ship came together.


Once the hull was built up, the deck and seats were next.

The weight distribution had to be just so or the boat would just tip and sink to the bottom.

More cardboard layers build up the hull, held together with tape.

Now it's time for the maiden voyage.

The boat floats. Now can it sustain a passenger?


So far, so good.

The friends boarded the boat and paddled like Norsemen out into the lake.

But alas, it was only cardboard and not built to last. The journey caused irreparable damage to the ship's hull. 

So they bid the cardboard boat farewell with a proper Viking funeral.

Credit: Viral Nova | Imgur

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