These Guys Designed A Book That Can Only Be Opened With Your Facial Expressions, And It's So Cool.

Technology is moving at such a brisk pace that sometimes it's hard to keep up. Often when the wired world gets overwhelming, we turn to trusted mainstays, like books. Paper and ink are firmly grounded in the real world, and even the smell of an old book gives many an immediate sense of comfort and happiness.

Artist Thijs Biersteker decided that no harbor should be safe when it comes to technology, and designed and constructed a book that not only incorporates some pretty wild tech, but also some disconcerting behavior.

This book judges you by your cover.

A simple concept with complex computer technology behind it, "The Cover That Judges You" uses facial recognition to mechanically unlock the book for reading.

It doesn't just recognize your face, though. It requires you not display an emotional response when you approach it.


That's right, the book doesn't want you judging it, or it won't open.

A screen and camera embedded in the cover act as a digital mirror. The art is both symbolic and acts as a guide to human expressions.

If you're laughing or frowning, the screen turns red, locking you out.

If you approach without emotion, it turns green and opens right up.

The technology used is inexpensive but advanced.


Some pieces of the puzzle though, are tried-and-true.

It must take some getting used to, having a book give you attitude like this.

Credit: If It’s Hip, It’s Here | Thijs Biersteker

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