These Guys Didn't Want To Work In A Boring Office, So They Spiced Up The Walls. The Result Is Epic

Like most traditional offices, Reddit user bruck7's office was dull and boring. Offices are meant to look professional, sure, but it's tough to accept that nothing should be done when some of today's modern offices are filled with ping pong tables and creative art. Not only is a boring office dull, it doesn't really ignite creativity and an active workspace. Luckily, his co-workers all felt the same way.

Looks like a typical workspace with florescent lights, cubicles and wide blank walls with no color.

Not many people would say they enjoy this workspace. There's no personality to it.

Reddit user bruck7 and his co-workers wanted to spruce up the place themselves. 

So, they decided to use their creative minds and come up with a different solution. They came into the office on a Saturday to put the design together using Post-its.

The team calculated that the project would require 8,024 Post-its in total, and about 9,000 were purchased.

All of the borders were marked out with tape, and everyone was excited to see the finished product.

The first piece begins taking shape. Can you guess who this is?


Wonder Woman is done and it looks amazing. Just five more to go.

The team agreed on using superheroes as their design choice. They were fun, recognizable and cute to look at. Also, the pixelated design would make it easier to create using their square Post-Its. 

It's all starting to come together. It's tough to imagine this was all done using only Post-its.

The finished product looks awesome.

It's a complete transformation and would put anybody in a great mood to work.

The excited team is proud of their work and excited to show it off to the others on Monday. 

A workspace should encourage and inspire people to work, not be dull and take the energy out of them. By adding simple decoration throughout the office, everyone can feel more upbeat at work.

If you're interested in creating these patterns for yourself, here are the patterns bruck7 used for his own office project. Each is 34 Post-its high.


Wonder Woman


Iron Man

Scarlet Witch



and Captain America

Credit: ViralNova | Imgur 

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