These Haunting Photos Show Parts Of New York City That Have Been Forgotten Entirely

In 2012, Will Ellis started photographing abandoned parts of New York, creating his blog "Abandoned NYC." While Ellis doesn't photograph from the point of preservation or politics, he does have a certain sense of New Yorker pride in his images. "I am hoping to preserve the belief that there is still weirdness, wildness and mystery in the world, even in an increasingly sanitized city like New York," he says on his blog.

A tree grows in Harlem, specifically through the top floor of an abandoned public school.

A vacant hospital in North Brother Island (which we've written about before) is reclaimed by nature.


The nurse's residence in the hospital at North Brother Island.

Ellis occasionally photographs outside the five boroughs, like this condemned hospital in Thiells, New York.

And Grossinger's Resort in the Catskills Mountains. (Grossinger's is rumored to have been the resort that inspired the film "Dirty Dancing.")

Inside Williamsburg's Domino Sugar Refinery. The factory was demolished in 2014.

The remains of late 1800s poorhouse, the New York City Farm Colony, in Staten Island.

The last remaining interior space in the Farm Colony.


The infamous Freedom Tunnel that was home to an underground homeless population in the 1990s and today is a haven for graffiti artists.

The site of a former squatter community, the "Batcave," (a vacant BRT powerhouse in Gowanus) is currently slated for renovation into an above-the-board art space.

Raccoons have made a home in the abandoned ex-military Post Hospital in Fort Totten, Queens.

"Most of these buildings don’t just stand alone. They tend to fit into larger trends and major shifts that have taken place in the city over the past 200 years or so," Ellis said in an interview with Business Insider. "There’s a bit of an identity crisis going on in New York right now, as the city is becoming more and more unaffordable, sanitized, and commercialized. These places give us an opportunity to reflect on the past."

Credit: Business Insider

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