These Have Got To Be The Best Celebrity Pregnancy Announcements Ever

One of the biggest announcements you'll ever make in life is the arrival of a child. The only thing harder than the announcement itself is how you'll make it. Some people simply let it out during a random lunch at a restaurant. Other people will get very creative with their reveal to friends and family. Plenty of these announcements, including one with a paralyzed man from Ohio, have gone viral.

While they live in fancier houses, celebrities are just like everyone else. With a much higher audience, many of them enjoy showing off their upcoming bundle of joy. These 15 celebrities, which range from a platinum-selling pop star to an Oscar winner, brought their fans along for the ride with these exciting proclamations.

1. Take A Picture

Eric Lively

In 2014, Blake Lively announced her pregnancy with her first child through her website Preserve. With the help of her brother Eric, she showed off her baby bump with a lovely photo. Later that year, she gave birth to her daughter James.

2. I Love You, Mummy

Jessica Simpson

Singer Jessica Simpson was a bit playful with her announcement. She tweeted a photo of herself dressed as a mummy with the caption, "It's true. I am going to be a mummy."

3. Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow


For her second child, Jessica Simpson let her daughter Maxwell Drew handle things. On Christmas, Jessica tweeted a photo of Maxwell on a beach with the phrase "Big Sis" etched in sand.

4. The People's Daughter


As the biggest movie star in the world, The Rock wanted another child at home. Luckily, he got his wish. "I was raised by and live with amazing and strong women, so the universe felt we needed one more," he posted on Instagram. His second daughter Jasmine was born in December 2015.

5. You & I


Singer John Legend and model Chrissy Teigen have tried to have a child for years. With the help of in-vitro fertilization, the married couple was able to make it happen. Chrissy was filled with happiness from sharing the news on Instagram.


6. My Everything


Nick and Vanessa Lachey were headed to a new home with their two children. While that news was exciting, the reveal of a third child on the way was even more stirring.

7. Nine Months To Cook


Glee star Naya Rivera didn't show off any belly bumps during her pregnancy announcement. A simple Instagram photo of a bun in the oven was enough for fans.

8. Love Is on Its Way


If singer Kevin Jonas thought he had trouble raising one child, a second one will be a handful. Luckily, he's taking notes on how to accomplish this new task.

9. Simple Kind Of Life


Gwen Stefani was willing to give up the crown to her first daughter. When the singer revealed that a third boy was on the way, she still declared herself "queen of the house."

10. Beach Baby


Actress Anne Hathaway couldn't hide her pregnancy from the paparazzi for too long. She decided to flaunt her baby bump on the beach for her fans to see.


11. Another Addition


Comedian Tom Arnold was thrilled at the news of daughter Quinn Sophie. His son Jax was a bit skeptical. In this photo, the child is holding a sonogram of his younger sibling.

12. Let It Bump


Actress Olivia Wilde invited her son Otis Alexander to help make her announcement. The two are checking out each other's baby bumps in the bedroom.

13. Passing Down The Suit & Tie


Singer Justin Timberlake shocked fans on Instagram when he revealed he was having his first child. He chose to make this announcement on his 34th birthday. A few months later, he welcomed son Silas Randall to the world.

14. Make It Last Forever

Asterio Tecson

In 2011, Beyonce rocked the MTV VMAs with a performance of "Love on Top." At the end of the tune, she unbuttoned her shirt to reveal that she was pregnant with first child Blue Ivy.

15. Ring The Alarm


Beyonce decided to up the ante on pregnancy announcements with a lovely photoshoot. Because of her pregnancy, she was pulled from the 2017 installment of Coachella. Fortunately, the promoters decided to let her return for the 2018 edition.

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