These Hilarious Facts Might Be Hard To Believe, But They're 100% True

Breaking the ice with strangers can prove to be a difficult task. You have to find something you can both relate to in order to make an initial connection. Starting a conversation involves finding an interesting topic and then building on it with individual facts you can both contribute to help each other gain a better understanding of the world. Relationships are all about mutual benefit.

The best way to engage in a conversation with anyone is by giving them interesting facts that may not typically come up in a normal conversation. You earn double points if those facts are hilarious.

Before your next cocktail party, here are 15 surprising facts you can impress your new friends with!

1. Google Pranks


Google programmers have hidden little meta jokes inside the search engine. For example, if you search for the word "askew," the search result will come up crooked.

2. Chick Flicks Work


If your significant other doesn't want to watch that cute romantic comedy, then let him know studies show they are effective in strengthening relationships.

3. Friday The 13th


This unlucky day always seems to sneak up on superstitious people. You can get ahead of the game by knowing all months beginning on Sunday will have Friday the 13th.

4. One Small Charge For Man...


NASA brought a lot of items to the moon, and the American flag was probably the least expensive. It was purchased at Sears for $5.50.


5. Donald McDonald


As the spokesman for McDonald's restaurants, Ronald McDonald's name in Japan is "Donald" McDonald because there is not an "R" sound in the Japanese language. 

6. More Than Human


Our friend Mr. Potato Head is way ahead of the curve. Each potato contains more microscopic chromosomes within its genetic makeup than human beings have. 

7. No Phone Bill... Ever


There are over seven billion people who live on Earth and over half of them have never used a telephone in their entire lives to communicate.

8. Math Is Delicious!


You can impress even the smartest math geek by letting them know a pizza with a radius of Z and a thickness of A has a volume of Pi*Z*Z*A.

9. Not Duty Free


Some countries have popular products they export to the rest of the world such as cell phones or cars. The island of Nauru exports bird droppings.

10. Caught Each Other Red Handed


One couple in Bosnia found out the other was having an online affair because the person they were having the affair with ended up being each other. Untangle that relationship drama!


11. Does This Bug You?


It might seem a little weird that some cultures consume insects. The fact is, a pound of ants or grasshoppers has more protein than a pound of meat and less fat.

12. Hand-Eye Coordination


The next time your parents tell you video games will rot your brain, tell them about one study that shows surgeons who grew up playing video games made 37% fewer mistakes.

13. Have You Met My Friend, LOL?


Believe it or not, some Americans thought "LOL" was a good name for their child. There are at least 189 people in the United States called LOL.

14. Never Too Little To Lead


The town of Dorset, Minnesota voted Robert Tufts to preside as mayor. The thing is, he was only 3-years-old at the time of the election.

15. One Opera House In Two Countries


The Haskell Free Library and Opera House sits right on the border in Derby Line, Vermont in the United States and Rock Island, Quebec in Canada.

Some of those are hard to believe. What kind of random funny facts do you know? Be sure to SHARE this with your family and friends!

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