These Hilarious Tweets Sum Up The Struggles Of Parenting

No amount of preparation can brace you for the responsibilities and sleepless nights of becoming a parent. There are tons of articles and books out there that can provide some guidance to many parenting predicaments, but sometimes improvising is all you can really do. Every parent strives to be the ultimate caregiver to their children, but we all have our faults. We're humans, after all, so meeting the expectations of being the perfect parent is far from obtainable.

Some follies, however, are impossible not to look back on and laugh. Perhaps you have had a couple of parenting moments that you're not too proud of, or maybe you were caught off guard by a question and didn’t know how to respond. These moments can be extremely awkward at the time, but they definitely make for a few funny stories to share with your friends. The following parents have taken to Twitter to share some of their personal experiences, and they will undoubtedly put a smile on your face.

Chocolate is the ultimate guilty pleasure - especially when it is not your chocolate.

Who needs the Internet when you have imagination anyways?

A story that they will tell their therapist well into their adult years. Hope mom and dad are prepared for those bills.

This brings a whole new meaning to being who you are.

In a galaxy far, far away, Lord Vader just smiled.

Hygiene is never at the top of a child's priority list. One can only hope that they eventually grow out of it.

Kids have a way of getting hyper at the worst time. The trick is to never let them know that you want to sleep.

Already hustling his/her parents at the tender age of five. They grow up too quickly.

A lesson in the facts of life.

Just wait until you explain to them that it used a rotary dial instead of buttons or a touch screen.

When you don't really understand where babies come from, anything is possible.

It's impossible to meet expectations when your kids have an unorthodox definition of what is "cool."

It's always cute when kids mimic their parent's frustrations even when they're not really relevant.

Can you really blame her for putting her kid's interests first? Hopefully, she doesn't call her boss a Stegosaurus at the next meeting.

When you're in a rush to get the kids ready, sometimes you miss some of the little details.

She had to get that cheesy sense of humor from somewhere.

Parenting is its own reward, but it's hard not to miss having the freedom that comes with not having kids around.

There's always that one parent who sets the bar impossibly high.

They'll never know the difference unless you tell them.

Do as I say, not as I do.

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H/T: Bored Panda

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