These Images Seem Ordinary When You Look At Them, But Once You Zoom In ... They're Amazing

Installation artist Slinkachu loves working in a public space where his art can interact with the public in their everyday lives. But Slinkachu doesn't do graffiti art. He uses sculpture in a way that might surprise you. To the untrained eye, his work might look like nothing more than lackluster photography. A dirty sidewalk, a lamppost, some overgrown bushes - what's so special about those? But Slinkachu's work begs the audience to look closer and experience the tiny details that are hiding all around us each and every day.

Using miniature figurines from train sets and a whole lot of superglue, Slinkachu creates stunning scenes that could easily go unnoticed in the hustle and bustle of daily life. Unsurprisingly, he says that people are one of the toughest parts of his job. Strangers constantly approach him and ask why he is laying down on the sidewalk taking pictures of what appears to be garbage. After seeing the results of his labor, though, we'd have to say it was worth it. Check out the images below for a closer look at Slinkachu's petite street art.

You're looking at a Slinkachu piece right now. Do you see it?

You just have to look very closely.

Slinkachu describes his installation work as "abandoning little people on the streets since 2006."

How adorably summery is this?

At first, you might think you are looking at garbage ...

But if you look closely, you're looking at art.


Even the Bank of London gets Slinkachu's treatment.

This piece is making a commentary on the bank itself.

But most of his pieces are about regular people going about their days.

Like this pensive man contemplating the scenery.

This 2014 piece, "Foraging," was aptly named.

Can you imagine walking by and noticing this?

Slinkachu's tiny people carry about in the business center.

Even getting bored in meetings.


They spend the day in the park.

And even do some of their own street art.

Slinkachu makes a commentary on the art industry in the 2013 piece, "Why is it so hard to find a job?"


But the tiny people still have time for recreational activities.

Like this incredible, tiny alpine skier.

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H/T: ViralNova | slinkachu_official

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