These Kangaroos Are Orphans, But What This Man Does For Them Absolutely Warms My Heart

In central Australia's Alice Springs, Chris "Brolga" Barns has set up a very special animal sanctuary, established in 2005. Although wild kangaroos are very common to see in Australia, accidents between cars and kangaroos are unfortunately a common sight as well. In the case of such of an event, Chris' rescue centre raises and nurtures the baby kangaroos. 

Chris often finds the babies on the side of the road, sometimes even still in their mother's pouch.

It wasn’t long until the world noticed what a beautiful and important job he was doing for Australia's wildlife.

After receiving generous donations, Chris built his own wildlife sanctuary, completed in 2011. It currently houses 28 kangaroos and a camel.

Feeding the orphans.

Chris Barns' love for animals began in Pearl Coast Zoo in Broome, Western Australia, where he worked as a bird keeper. It is there that he had his first encounter with an orphaned joey.

“My first experience with an orphan kangaroo joey was in 1989 when I was a 17 yr old Zookeeper at Pearl Coast Zoo in Western Australia. Her name was Josie Jo – a beautiful Western Grey joey being raised at the zoo staff quarters where I lived. The adventure of having a joey in the house and helping raise her made me realise that all I wanted to do in life was be the best ‘kangaroo mum.’”


These joeys are growing.

Perhaps the highlight of Joey's work was presented in 2011. He received an unexpected call from film director Andrew Graham-Brown, who was interested in doing a "taster tape" about his life with kangaroos.

The tape was made to attract broadcasters to commission a film or show about him. It was well received by the BBC, and Chris was able to get funding for his two-part series, Natural World.

The series turned out to be a giant hit, and lead to a BBC Two series based entirely on Barn's life called "Kangaroo Dundee.” Today, the show has just completed its second season.

These kangaroos are lovingly spoiled.


And they appreciate it.

Comfortable, safe, and loved.

Chris Barns playing with two joeys.

Feeding time.

Keeping in touch with its roots.

Credit: Twisted Sifter | The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs

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