These Kids Are Cute, But Aren't Very Good At Hide And Seek

Hide and seek is a staple of everyone's childhood. Whether you grew up in the 70s, 80s, or 90s, odds are you've had a chance to play the game. Perhaps this game is so popular because you can play it anywhere, as long as there's a good enough hiding space.

Usually, this game is reserved for kids, so combining the rules of the game with a child's imagination can sometimes net hilarious results. Like when a kid covers his face and thinks that's good enough to be practically invisible.

In honor of every kid who thinks putting your hands over your face makes you disappear, here are 15 hilarious photos of kids who picked terrible hiding places.

1. Cabinet Boy

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We bet this kid totally didn't think he was going to be found out hiding behind a cabinet door. 

Think this is adorable? Check out number five.

2. Blindspot

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When you think of perfect hide and seek places, you usually don't suspect that blinds would be an issue. Unfortunately, this kid forgot to pull the cord down all the way, so half of her body is showing.

3. Hiding Spot Twins

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Ever hear the phrase "great minds think alike"? These two decided to hide in a spot that wasn't exactly a perfect hiding space. Plus, they kind of look creepy just standing there like that.

4. Hiding Behind A Pole

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A pole doesn't sound like a great hiding spot, but this little boy thought he was in the clear. We wonder how long it took to find him? 


5. Cabinet Feet

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This child was dedicated to the sport of hide and seek he decided to put his whole body in the kitchen cabinet. Except for his feet, for some odd reason. 

Check out number nine for more fun!

6. This Is Not A Drill

They Call Me Mummy

Remember when you used to hide underneath your desk at school during the drill? Well, this little girl decided to hide underneath her chair. We don't think this was her best bet to win the game.

7. Lego Head


When you can't find a perfect hiding spot for a game of hide and seek, take it to the next level and put a lego bucket over your head. Seems like a good idea, right? 

8. Becoming The Hiding Spot


Forget hiding in hard to find spots or crouching underneath furniture. This kid decided to become a hiding spot when he put a tray over his face.

9. Hide And Go Seek Another Tree


Nieces and nephews can be incredibly hilarious. During a game of hide and seek, this little guy decided he would hide behind a tree. It sounds like a smart move, but this is a sad excuse for a tree.

Think this is funny? Go to number 15.

10. The Ultimate Couch Cushion


Couch cushions don't seem like the best hiding spots, but if you're small enough, they may come in hand during an exciting round of hide and seek. This toddler forgot to hide their legs, though! 


11. Baby Blanket Hiding Spot


This kid had the right idea when she decided to cover herself with her baby blanket, except for the fact that she buried her face in it instead of throwing it over her body.

12. Dedicated Hide And Seeker


This kid was seriously innovative when it came to hiding with a blanket. The only problem? Forgetting that their hands and feet weren't covered! 

13. From A Distance


This kid decided to hide under the computer desk for his hide and seek spot of choice. The only problem is that he could be seen from a distance.

14. Scrambling To Hide


It looks like this kid had to scramble fast to hide behind something. That's the only explanation behind his choice to hide just his head behind a set of blinds.

15. A For Effort


We have to give this kid some serious credit. They would have found the perfect hiding spot if it wasn't for their little feet sticking out.

Do you think these 15 photos of kids hiding in odd places is truly hilarious?

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