These Lights Are Designed To Look Like Hanging Flowers, But Wait Until You See Them In Action

The famous Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam has recently acquired a permanent installation that combines the beauty of nature with practical technology. A local studio, Studio Drift, is behind the installation, which is comprised of fantastical blooming lights. Studio Drift, founded in 2006, serves as “a testament to the cross-pollination between the technically advanced, the aesthetically beautiful and awareness of future potentials.” Check out the amazing creations below.

The so-called Shylights are light fixtures that behave like certain types of flowers.


The lights mimic nyctinasty, the evolutionary defense mechanism of certain flora that causes them to open and close as needed.

These billowing lights are 30 feet tall and in continuous motion beneath the museum’s ornate ceiling.

This kind of site-specific installation is exactly the kind of work that Studio Drift is known for.


As one of their founders, Lonneke Gordijn says, “People find the time to look at art within a gallery setting, but the world is one big exhibition if you only care to look.”

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Credit: Studio Drift | Colossal

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