These Little North Korean Kids Make Big Splash On The Guitar

Some people are just born talented. While it's true that hard work and dedicated practice can help make you much better at any given skill, there are some people who just seem to "get it" more instantly.  I can't help but feel a little jealous of these folks.

Take these kids from North Korea, for instance. They're so young, they can barely even hold the guitar they're playing. In fact, the guitars are noticeably bigger than they are! None of that get in their way, however, as they proceed to shred all over that fretboard in a stunning display of prowess.

Ok, so maybe "shredding" isn't the most accurate term for the kind of melodies they're playing, but it's impressive nonetheless. I've been playing longer than these kids have been alive, and my guitar fits my hands, and I still can't play half as well as they can. They've even got the dynamics down, effortlessly switching between loud and soft parts with no hesitation. With talent like that, it's no wonder this video's been viewed over 42 million times.

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H/T: thehypnoguy1

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