These Look Like Drawings Of Animals, But Take A Closer Look... It's Not What You Think It Is.

When you think of body art, you might just think of a really pretentious way of saying "tattoos and piercings". But UK artist Emma Fay brings a whole new meaning to it. She uses the contorted human body as her canvas, painting her art directly onto her subjects. The results are stunning.

The Eye of Ra in the Desert 

Creepy Apple Tree

The Great Wall of China

China Teacup

Stings Like A Bee

Stained Glass Elephant


Zebra Face

Feeding Giraffe

Snapping Crab 

Mandrill Face

Bright Yellow Octopus

Aborigine Artwork

A Little Teapot


Raging Bull

Watercolor Dragonfly

Polka Dot Tea Party

Great Wall of China

Horrifying Tarantula

St. Basil's Cathedral

Credit: Emma Fay

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