These Look Like Ordinary Townhomes, But They Were Built To Serve A Very Special Purpose.

Xiong Shuihua, 54, grew up in the small village of Xionkeng, in southern China. As a boy, his family, along with the rest of the community, was poor, and lived in small, wooden huts, dotted along muddy streets. As Shuihua grew up, he entered the steel industry, eventually becoming not just wealthy, but incredibly so. "I earned more money than I knew what to do with", said Shuihua.

Eventually he realized what he could do with the money, and set about demolishing his hometown, bulldozing the small, wooden huts. In their place, he constructed luxury villas and apartments. If that was the end of the story, Xiong Shuihua might seem like a cartoonish, 1980s movie villain.

However, there is more. These luxury homes are for the residents of the village and are provided free of charge. "I didn't want to forget my roots", explains Shuihua. The other residents had been kind and generous to his family growing up, and he finally discovered the way to repay their deeds. In the case of 18 families who especially helped his family, deluxe villas were constructed. All told, 72 families are enjoying the comforts and support provided by Shuihua.

Rows of brand new homes line the freshly paved roads in Xiongkeng.


Xiong Shuihua is the benevolent businessman behind this incredible gift.

Everything, right down to the landscaping, was provided to residents for free.

Older residents and those with limited incomes are even provided with three meals per day, courtesy of Shuihua.

A plaque, dedicating the newly rebuilt village.


Shuihua, pictured on the left, began his career in construction before moving on to steel.

This beautiful plaza marks the entrance to the village.

The residents now have wonderful parks, playgrounds, and other amenities.

Credit: Daily Mail UK

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