These Look Like Random Pieces Of Play-Doh From Up Close, But You'll Be Amazed Once You Zoom Out

Lacy Knudson is an artist and a mother of three. Like most children, her kids loved playing with Play-Doh. One day, as she was playing alongside them, she noticed that Play-Doh could be mixed to create beautiful, swirling colors. As an artist, she saw this as a discovery to create something unique with them. Play-Doh mosaics, also known as Dozayix, were born.

The artwork you're about to see below is called, "A New World." To create it, Lacy used around 10,000 Play-Doh dots. That's 23 pounds of Play-Doh. Each dot is only around a half-inch in diameter, so you can imagine how long it would take to cover up a large canvas.

Lacy noticed that Play-Doh colors mix well together.

She then began to experiment with colors and created a wide variety of different dots.

She decided to recreate her own painting, "A New World."

It's a pretty big painting. She would need a lot of dots.


And more colors as well.

The dots finally ready, the mosaic began.

Imagine how long it would have taken just to organize these dots into position.

Finally starting to take shape.

The composition of colors is marvelous.

So many dots.


Finally finished. The piece measures 48 by 72 inches.

The final product looks spectacular.

Lacy used resin to keep all the dots in place.

The final product weighs around 75 pounds.

Her daughter is proud, and happy to have given her the inspiration.

Credit: Lacy Knudson

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