These Megaphones Look Out Of Place In The Forest, But They Serve A Special Purpose

For those who don't spend a lot of time outdoors, the forest can be a surprisingly noisy environment. Insects and critters combined with blowing wind and splashing streams, creating a symphony of natural sounds that's hard to ignore. Some architecture students from the Estonian School of the Arts, however, weren't satisfied with the sounds of the forest as they were and decided to make them a little clearer.

For a recent school project, one team of future architects built three large wooden megaphones and placed them in the forests of the Võrumaa, Pähni Nature Centre.


Hannes Praks, leader of the school's Interior Architecture Department, has stated that the megaphones amplify the sounds of the forest around them.

Birgit Õigus was the student who led the project. Tõnis Kalve, Ahti Grünberg, as well as design firm b210 assisted the team.

They've been used by musicians as stages, giving musicians some unique background accompaniment.


The megaphones, or "ruups" as they are referred to in Estonia, also act as a shelter for hikers to rest inside of before continuing on.

Luckily, these megaphones aren't necessary to appreciate the gorgeous sounds of nature that surround us every day.

Via: Pulptastic - - Tõnu Tunnel

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