These Pallets Were Headed For The Trash, Until One Creative Carpenter Used Them To Build This.

Many modern homes lack storage solutions, and, as a result, many people find themselves in need of a shed. For those who are confident in their building skills, a DIY project can be the cheapest and most efficient way to get the job done. Check it out.

This Imgur user simply collected pallets for several months until he had enough wood to start building. 

Next, he created a flat area. His yard was stony, and he had to do a lot of digging. 

Concrete blocks can be purchased at any hardware store, but these were procured for free on Craigslist. You never know what you can get until you ask. 

Once the concrete base was constructed, it was time to start screwing and bolting the pallets together.


The last pallets were cut in half to create the perfect height, but this may need to be adjusted depending on desired shed size. 

It’s really coming together now. 

For the roof, there were some pallets left over, so they were cut into planks to create this barn-style structure. 

Nicely done. 

Next, he covered the shed in some cheap siding that he found at Home Depot. 


And added a window in the back to let in some extra light. 

A tin roof was strategically placed between the shed and fence, which will catch water when it rains. A barn door really finished off the look. 

Since everything went so well, why not add a storage place for wood?

Well done, sir. You are clearly stocked and ready for winter. 

This shed looks so professional, it is hard to believe that is was once an old pile of pallets sitting in a backyard. Most of the materials were free, and those that weren’t were purchased at discounted rates. Share this with friends or family who love to build, or anyone you know who could use a little extra space. 

Credit: Imgur

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