These Parents Found The Perfect Words To Describe Raising Kids. I Can't Stop Laughing At #12

It can be hard to not look at parenting as a one-up challenge of who's kid has the cutest baby photos, the best extra-curricular activity achievements, the best diet or the best education. It's enough to exhaust any parent. Luckily, these hilarious parents took to Twitter to let it all out about how they REALLY feel about this whole parenting business. Can you relate?

1. What if I told you about the red Skittle...​

Amber Via Flickr

2. Inglorious parenting.

Sharon Via Flickr

3. Always with the shoes.


4. Go ask your father.

Trapiezist Via Reddit

5. Is this thing on?

Alex and Rachel Via Flickr


6. Why not both?


7. Nope, not even once.

Dean Terry Via Flickr

8. An infinite loop.

Amanda Tipton Via Flickr

9. Pretty much.

Jessica Lucia Via Flickr

10. It gets better, right?

Xynn Ti Via Flickr

11. So true.

Matthew Kirkland Via Flickr


12. This can be a real struggle. 

Neal Via Flickr

13. It doesn’t get more real than this. 

Matthiasq Via Flickr

14. Whatever you do, don’t step on a Lego. 

Caroline Via Flickr

15. The old "flushing your brother down the potty trick.”

Sharyn Morrow Via Flickr

16. Perfectly apt metaphor.

Kenny Maths Via Flickr

Credit: Bored Panda

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