These People Are Having A Much, Much Worse Day Than You

If you're having a bad day today, we have some small consolations for you. You're not alone, and in fact, many people are having worse days than you are.

The images we want to share with you aren't of worse days than learning of the passing of a loved one or anything. But they're pretty bad. Some of them are even pretty funny.

We'd like you to know that everyone has bad days and that we all get over them. Enjoy these moments and we hope that if you are having a bad day, they make it a little better.

1. The On-Screen Coffee Disaster


This was the result of a cup of coffee dumping all over Jilian Mele of Fox & Friends. Fortunately, a fresh skirt was found for her before she went back on the air.

2. When Doggy Done Bad


Can you imagine how far your heart would sink after coming home from a long day at work to find that your puppies had been "play fighting?"

3. Emily Walker Bathes In Champagne

Global TV

Emily Walker, director of the Four Seasons, was supposed to get a glass of champagne on TV. Instead, she opted for throwing the whole bottle over herself in front of the nation.

4. When Your Kindle Becomes Kindling


Amazon's Kindle is an amazing device, but apart from the 2017 top-of-the-line model, it's not waterproof. As this unlucky owner discovered.


5. When Organization Becomes Important


This is an image of someone's office on tax filing day. They've lost their paperwork and it's going to get expensive if they can't find it. Oh dear. This is why tidying up is important.

6. When Your Locker Isn't Giving You Any Love


Breaking a lock is hard work, but not something to be congratulated when it wasn't wanted. This person arrived at their locker to find this and not much else.

7. Too Many Rubik's Cubes, Too Little Time


We're not sure what we'd do if someone gave us a lot of Rubik's cubes, but turning our office into a virtual game of Tetris seems unlikely.

8. They've Got Tickets To Ride

The Expired Meter

This must be some sort of prank, or maybe it's a very angry parking warden trying to drive (sorry) the message home? It makes for a brilliant photo either way.

9. Spelling Really Does Matter Sometimes


Maybe "Brethe" is an unusual name for this person's partner? We somehow doubt it. It's really a good idea to get any word that you want to tattoo onto your body spell-checked.

10. Not So Ship-Shape


We have no idea how you even go about beginning to fix this. Those shipping containers are big and heavy and awkward at the best of times.


11. Sometimes Even Four-Wheel Drive Is Not Enough


It's probably time to take your foot off of the gas and appreciate the free mud bath as you wait for emergency services to rescue your vehicle from this.

12. When It Pays Not To Be A Pirate


Sure, we feel your pain when a new game can cost upwards of $100, but piracy's not the way to go (unless you secretly wanted a PC copy of Monopoly instead of Far Cry).

13. The Family That Are Mean With Sunscreen


This is what happens when everyone in the family plays practical jokes. Everybody gets burned. Literally. This family won't mess about with the suntan lotion next time.

14. The Walking Catastrophe


This cat is worse than a bull in a china shop. They've destroyed a pair of toothbrushes and the vase in which they were kept.

15. The Lifetime Of Laundry


There is nothing quite as depressing as that moment that you hang your washing out to dry and the skies open. Oh well, it's only water, right?

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