These People Found A Secret Room In Their Attic. Inside, A Piece Of History Was Waiting.

How well do you know your home? Sure, you might have memorized how to avoid a squeaky floorboard or the trick to opening the closet that always gets stuck, but what about the things you can’t see? One Reddit user and her husband got the surprise of a lifetime when they discovered a secret room in their attic dating back to WWII. Take a look.

The attic door is nothing special – this looks like it could belong in any house. 

But something amazing is waiting at the top of these stairs. 

On a hunch, the owner of the house carefully examined the storage space…


Until she found some boards that seemed out of place. 

So, she kicked them out. 

And discovered a room that had been forgotten since WWII. 

There were some interesting artifacts in the room. 


Such as this sign, handwritten in Norwegian. 

A lamp alarm was found in the upper right corner, although what it was meant to alert remains a mystery. 

There was also a map of Western Europe. 

Was this a child’s playroom? A hideaway for a war criminal? A secret shelter in case the horrors of war came too close to home? Perhaps we will never know. 

Credit: Imgur

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