These People Shared Surprise Celebrity Encounters That Were Really Nice

Most of us go about our everyday lives without ever meeting someone famous. That's pretty normal. After all, there aren't that many famous people compared to the huge numbers of us that aren't famous.

However, every now and again people meet celebrities doing the usual things people do. Of course, it's hard not to say anything when you meet someone famous, but how does that normally turn out?

According to these 15 accounts from Reddit users, it usually goes pretty well as long as you're respectful. It appears celebrities are generally very nice people indeed. 

1. Keanu's Into Comics

Deviant Art

"Keanu Reeves. Was at a coffee shop and no place to sit, a man said please join me here. I sat and realized it was him and talked about comic books for about 30 min. Normal as can be."

2. The Rock's Got Culinary Skills

Tech Times

"Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. He was walking out of the restroom at my workplace. I commented, 'I smelled what The Rock was cooking' as we passed each other in the hallway. He turned back and gave me the People's Eyebrow. Actually got to chat with him a little while, and led him to the edit bay that he was looking for."

3. Why Joe Biden Wouldn't Shake Hands


"When Joe Biden was a Senator I accidentally walked in on him while he was in the stall of an Amtrak bathroom. He sat there awkwardly for a second and then said 'I'd shake your hand but I don't think either of us wants that.'"

4. George Takei Puts People First

Mission Log

"George Takei. He stopped a press conference I was observing to meet a little boy and sign his doll because he was sick and going home, and the meet and greet wasn't scheduled until later. The reporters looked a little put off, but George gave that little kid 100% of his attention for two minutes or so. I could see the kid's day was made."

5. Tom Hanks Crashes Weddings

Ordine Azilei

"Tom Hanks.  Was at a friends wedding at the Wynn in Las Vegas and were taking pictures in the Atrium (also the VIP Entrance). He emerged from the double doors behind our group and said 'Hey! Is this a wedding? Can I be in the pictures?' Everyone was quite annoyed until we realized it was Tom Hanks. He took pictures with the whole group and was a general all-around great guy."

6. Lebron James Gives Away Shoes


"Lebron James. I was at a shoe store in Cleveland about 4 years ago. . I think it was Finish line. And I'm looking at the new Lebron shoes, (mind you that I'm only 18 at the time), and a huge shadow appears over me. And I turn around, and it was Lebron freakin' James standing there. He smiled and said 'you want my new shoes' I stumbled over my words for a few seconds then said yes I think I'm going to buy a pair right now. He then asked me my size, went up to the front desk and bought me 2 pairs. 1 he signed, and he said the other was for me to practice my post moves in. One of the best days of my life."

7. Marilyn Manson Is Surprisingly Normal


"Marilyn Manson. This was 2000. My brother had cancer and got the chance to meet him. He brought my brother all sorts of memorabilia and sat and chatted to him for a few hours, playing TV games with him, playing guitar, even reading Beano comics. All in the comfort of my own home. My brother passed away 3 weeks later and was in his M.M t-shirt when he passed."

8. Morgan Freeman Is Still God

Everyday Power

"Morgan Freeman. We're both from the same state (Mississippi). I was having lunch near his home town when I noticed him. He took the time to talk to me, despite my epic fan grin, and paid for my food before he left. Best lunch I ever had."


9. Ryan Gosling Pays For Parking


"Ryan Gosling paid for my parking on Hollywood Blvd once. We had parked in the same parking lot. He was leaving and we were arriving and I struck up a convo with him real quick.

He asked where I was from and why I was there/who I was with. (Spring Break, 9 friends, 2 cars). And he was like 'Oh you guys have 40 bucks to drop on just parking? Must be loaded.' I chuckled and was about to say something back and he just says the coolest thing to me.

'Don't worry about parking today man, I'll cover you all for the weekend. Have a fun spring break!' It was so cool. He is JUST as nice in real life as you think he would be."

10. Ice T's Not One Of Your 99 Problems

Daily News One

"Ice T was on the same flight as me, my mom, and my sister when I was younger. My sister needed help getting her bags off the carousel but I was too busy reading Harry Potter and basically told her to get lost. Ice T comes walking over, shoots me the worst look, then grabs all my sisters bags and helped carry them to our car. I learned a good lesson that day; never help anyone because it's easier to let a celebrity do it for you."

11. Dave Chappelle Appears In Court

Belief Net

"Dave Chappelle has a history of running very long comedy shows. My buddy and I saw one of his shows a while back. It ran very very late, until almost 4 am (on a weekday), by the end, almost the entire crowd had trickled out- to get up early for work the next day and what not. Only about a dozen of us remained at the show by this point. Dave invited us to all play basketball with him the next afternoon. He had rented out an entire gym for an hour. Of course, my buddy and I took him up on the offer. We played pickup hoops with Dave Chappelle for over an hour. After everyone finished playing, a handful of us stuck around and talked with Dave. He bought us all fruit smoothies and gave us free tickets to his show the next night. SUPER nice guy, just like he is on TV. Couldn't have been any cooler."

12. Kourtney Kardashian Is Down To Earth


Kourtney Kardashian. She was pregnant with her first kid when she came into the homeless shelter I was volunteering at. No cameras, she was there by herself to play with the kids, even stayed after to help me sweep and clean.

13. Chuck Norris Ain't So Tough


"Chuck Norris tipped me $150 bucks... on a $30 bill, was right around the time the Chuck Norris jokes were becoming popular, and while I was taking the order I overheard a coworker make one of the jokes, saw Chuck's face just sorta tighten like 'Not this again' and I politely excused myself, took the other employee aside and told them to leave him alone so he could eat."

14. Kevin Smith Shares Pies

Action Figure Insider

"I bought Kevin Smith a beer at an airport lounge, we wound up chatting, after a while, he bought a piece of pie and we split it."

15. Adam Devine Was Tired

Comedy Central

"Met Adam Devine of workaholics. He was obviously hungover but still took the time to be a nice guy. Snoop Dogg was also a really laid back dude, but what do you expect."

16. Gene Wilder Does Willy Wonka In Real Life


"When I was a kid, like 2 or 3, I often saw an old man at a grocery store with a small, white dog. The man came up to me one day and handed me a basket. He said I could walk the dog while filling up the basket with candy (which he then later paid for). This became the routine whenever I saw that man at the grocery store. Walk dog, get candy."

"That man was Gene Wilder. I got candy from Willy Wonka himself."

17. Lenny Kravitz Is The Epitome Of Cool


"My girlfriend's mom lives in a house on a private island off of Miami Beach. The girlfriend and I are down there on vacation last summer and I am fixing the tail light on her mom's car when I see Lenny Kravitz walking up with his little dog.

He says something along the lines of, 'I have never seen you around before.' I said I was visiting with my girlfriend. I will never forget this 'Tall chick?' 'Ya.' Then he got this big smile on his face and said, 'Right on.' He high fives me and walked away. At that moment I knew what cool was and I knew I would never have it."

18. Neil Gaiman Was Worried About Weather


"Neil Gaiman, at the Edinburgh Book Festival. It was pouring, and some of us were waiting in the rain for about two hours to get his autograph. I asked him how he was and he told me how sorry he felt for everyone outside. I told him they were in Edinburgh; they could hardly be surprised if it rained."


19. Adam Savage Is Excitable


"Adam Savage of the show Mythbusters. Very nice and personable, and that child-like excitement he has on the show is definitely not an act."

20. Penn And Teller Are Simply Awesome


"Penn and Teller need to be at the top of this list. At the end of every show they do (which is at least 5 per week) they literally run out of the doors ahead of everyone else so that they can personally shake everyone's hand and thank them for coming. They'll sign whatever you want for free, talk to you, and take pictures.

They've been doing this for over 20 years and always talk about how appreciative they are of their fans. I haven't met them on the street, and it is somewhat anecdotal, but I hear they are exactly as approachable outside their shows, too, and will make time to chat/sign things as well."

21. Compliments From Russel Brand


"Russell Brand was an absolute peach to me. I interviewed him for my blog and he stopped mid-sentence and said, 'You're beautiful—you know that, right?'...and my favorite compliment from anyone, 'You've got lovely cheeks!'"

22. Clint Eastwood Was A Great Guy


"Clint Eastwood. Had dinner with him while he was directing Mystic River. Great guy."

(We hope that this guy was more talkative at dinner, lest Clint be the one who has to make all of the conversation...)

23. Margaret Thatcher Was Polite

Wikimedia Commons

"I met Margaret Thatcher, briefly, and was really surprised at how polite she was in person."

This chap clearly wasn't from Argentina, as it seems unlikely they would see Thatcher as "polite."

24. Zach Braff's A Lad


"My friend met Zach Braff after watching his show in London. My friend hugged him and said he smelt like a father figure—apparently he cracked up. I am seriously jealous of that! Zack Braff is a lad!"

25. Robert Downey Jr. Is A Nice Guy


"Robert Downey, Jr. Met him a long time ago when he was filming U.S. Marshalls. He is just a really nice guy."

Indulged by Iron Man? Nice work, sir. 

We hope that this gives you the confidence to say "hi" if you ever run into a big star. 

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