These People Turned Log Piling Into A New Form Of Art, And The Result Is Just Breathtaking

If you're bearing through these last late winter months, you understand just how amazing a wood burning fireplace can be for keeping warm during the brutal cold. The crackling sound, the woodsy smell, what's not to love? 

When these homeowners stockpiled their wood before the winter, they went the extra step and turned their log piles into rustic works of art.

Combining the various sizes and shades of wood, the firewood takes on a mosaic form.


This firewood found a way to stay a tree just a little bit longer.

The round logs in the center form a spine straight through the firewood.

These wood pieces turn to stone in their tiny tribute to a pizza oven.

This pile fills up its own little house with a car in the driveway and a mustachioed man keeping watch.


Owls are popular wood pile totems, keeping an eye on the snow.

This one even took a break from chopping logs to take a quick moonlit flight.

Credit: Earth Porm

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