These People Went On Vacation With A Few Household Items. What They Do With Them Is Genius.

Traveling is one of the coolest things you can do to broaden your horizons, but let’s admit it: it’s a giant headache. Fortunately, a few tricks can help take the edge off getting from here to there.

1. Keep your daily dose of bling within reach by organizing your jewelry in a pill case.


2. Those travel sites are wily ones. Outsmart them by turning on private browsing when you search for flights. You'll see cheaper fares.


3. A cereal container functions great as a spill-proof trash bag for your car.


4. Drop a pin in Google maps on your phone to remember where you parked. Since you can send pins to other people, this can help a group find each other too.


5. Consider investing in an AquaVault. It's a small, portable lockbox that attaches to beach furniture and keeps your valuables safe while you swim.


6. Beat the airport markup by taking empty water bottles through security and filling them up at the water fountain once you get through.


7. Don't start your vacation dealing with tangled cords and earbuds. Wrap them around old gift cards for the journey ahead.


8. Keep up to date on your flight status just by Googling your flight number. This is especially great for checking on your phone.



9. You can MacGyver your phone into a seat monitor with a plastic baggie and clip into the seat’s tray table.



10. Some credit card companies will freeze your funds if they suspect fraud, so save yourself the embarrassment of a declined card by giving them a heads-up when you're traveling internationally.


11. Contact cases are awesome for storing small amounts of concealer, creams or salves.


12. Placing a plastic wrap barrier under the cap of your liquids gives extra protection against spillage.



13. Scan your passport, ID and itinerary and email the files to yourself. That way, you at least have a copy as a backup in case something goes awry.


14. Place a binder clip over your razors to keep them from shaving everything in your toiletry case during transit.


15. Store a belt under the neckline of your shirts to keep them from getting squished.



16. If you type "ok maps" into Google Maps on your phone, it will save the current location for later and you'll be able to use it offline.


17. Wrap your shoes in shower caps to protect your clothes from getting gross.


18. A battery pack can be a backup power supply for your electronics. This is especially lifesaving for an international flight.

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19. A few dryer sheets in your luggage keeps everything smelling fresh as laundry day.


20. If you forgot the outlet part of your USB charger, check the back of the TV in your hotel room. A lot of newer models will have USB ports that will charge your phone or tablet.


21. An old Tic-Tac case has a second life as a bobby pin dispenser.

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22. Folding clothes is for squares. Roll your clothes to save space and decrease wrinkle lines.


23. A spare eyeglass case can keep charging cables and earbuds from getting tangled. It's also great for storing any breakable souvenirs.  

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