These Photographs Show Celebrities In A Different Light

Feb 5, 2015

Our society often becomes so comfortable with those that are deemed celebrities that the average person feels like they "know" Reese Witherspoon or can "understand" Jennifer Anniston. However, celebrities are people just like everyone else. These side-by-side pictures are of typical images that represent a celebrity and a natural photograph of that same celebrity (e.g. Charlie Chaplin and his mustache and bowler hat).  The two images will probably be a surprise to most. Although a glimpse of the celebrity might be seen in the natural photos, it certainly is not the "image" the public is used to seeing; but, the natural one seems to show the celeb as a "real person" and someone that could easily be a friend.

Charlie Chaplin


Zooey Deschanel

Marilyn Monroe


Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Bruce Lee

Stephen Hawking

Albert Einstein

Joseph Stalin


President Franklin Roosevelt

Clothes were unisex back then.

Bill and Hillary Clinton

Malcolm X

Credit: First To Know

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