These Photos Show What Overpopulation Has Done To The Earth ... And It's Not Looking Good

Since the 1800s, the human population has grown from one billion to a whopping eight billion people. For a planet that's not designed for that many folks, this is placing an extreme burden on the environment. Just look at what Mexico City, one of the most densely-populated cities in the world, has done to the surrounding landscape.

Pablo Lopez Luz/Foundation for Deep Ecology

The tiny capital city of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, houses over four million people!

Meanwhile, the population of New Delhi in India tops 25 million.

Google Earth | Foundation for Deep Ecology

Just look at how much electricity Los Angeles uses at night.

Mike Hedge/Foundation for Deep Ecology

Humans require a lot of resources to stay alive. Just look at all the waste produced by a Bangladeshi incineration plant!

M.R. Hassan/Foundation for Deep Ecology

Meanwhile, this massive plant in Canada serves to process oil sands.

Garth Lentz/Foundation for Deep Ecology

From high above, you can see just how much of an impact these oil sands developments have had on the surrounding ecology.

Garth Lentz/Foundation for Deep Ecology

What was once a forest in Oregon has been turned into a field of stumps so they could build a dam.

Daniel Dancer/Foundation for Deep Ecology

This mountain in British Columbia used to be covered in trees.

Garth Lentz/Foundation for Deep Ecology

This massive diamond mine in Russia has forever scarred the earth.

Google Earth | Foundation for Deep Ecology


Pumping oil has rendered this plot of land in California completely devoid of life.

Mark Gamba/Foundation for Deep Ecology

This barren wasteland in Brazil is used exclusively for fattening up cattle.

The amount of smoke pouring out of these power plants in England is staggering.

Jason Hawkes/Foundation for Deep Ecology

Just look at all the air traffic pollution over London.

Ian Wylie/Foundation for Deep Ecology

Black Friday is known to create chaos in stores nationwide.

Darin Oswald/Foundation for Deep Ecology

These tires were just dumped in the Nevada desert with no concern for what they do to the environment.

Daniel Dancer/Foundation for Deep Ecology

Appliance waste like this often contains toxic chemicals so this is a HORRIBLE way to dispose of it.

Peter Essick/Foundation for Deep Ecology

I think this picture speaks for itself.

Zak Noyle/Foundation for Deep Ecology

We throw so much stuff in the ocean that there's a whole island made out of garbage in the northern Pacific now.

More Than Green

And this is what happens to animals who eat all this garbage.

Chris Jordan/Foundation for Deep Ecology


If the pollution doesn't kill them, animals still face a threat from human hunters.

Kristian Schmidt/Foundation for Deep Ecology

Even endangered species like the Amur tiger are being hunted still.

Steve Morgan/Foundation for Deep Ecology

As pollution causes weather patterns to change, we're seeing more and more ecological disasters.

Mainichi Newspapers/Foundation for Deep Ecology

The Yellow River in China is so polluted that it stinks.

Lu Guang/Foundation for Deep Ecology

As global weather patterns and change and droughts become more and more common, so do wildfires like these ones that tore through Colorado.

RJ Sangosti/Foundation for Deep Ecology

These cattle are directly in the line of fire.

Daniel Beltran/Foundation for Deep Ecology

Glaciers and ice caps are melting at an alarming rate.

Cotton Coulson/Foundation for Deep Ecology

As the glaciers melt, entire ecosystems are ruined and animals, like this polar bear in Norway, starve to death.

Ashley Cooper/Foundation for Deep Ecology

Certain island nations like the Maldives will soon be under water because of the melting of the polar ice caps.

Peter Essick/Foundation for Deep Ecology

Greenhouses like these ones in Almeria, Spain, are helping to cool the earth and provide sustainable food, but is it enough?

Yann Arthus Bertrand/Foundation for Deep Ecology

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