These Pictures Are Not For The Faint Of Heart. Looking At Will Send Your Heart Racing

The definition for an adrenaline junkie is a person with a compulsive desire for excitement and adventure. There is always that one person that just can't get enough excitement in ordinary hobbies. These types of people are hankering for a new and exciting activity wherever they go. Need some good ideas for extreme adventuring? Here are some examples of new, extreme sports and pursuits that adrenaline junkies are attempting all over the world.

1. Want to go camping? How about camping on the side of a cliff?

2. Ukrainian daredevil "Mustang Wanted" can provide some useful pointers on adrenaline seeking.

3. Extreme whitewater kayaking in Chile will spice up any adventure.

4. When the waterfall is frozen, go ice climbing.

5. Norway's Trolltunga is a hair-raising location to do some yoga.

6. Swing over the La Casa Del Arbol cliff. Enjoy the view, but make sure not to look down.

7. A whole lot of people are into this cliff camping thing. Might as well try it out.

8. Rock climbing in Cabo San Lucas looks like a great way to get the heart pumping.

9. Take some tips from John Roberts, and climb around South Africa.


10. Kjeregbolten boulder in Rogaland, Norway is a great place to face fears.

11. Mt. Huashan, China's death trail, is a fun way to find your inner balance.

12.  Practice diving off some jagged cliffs into nothingness like this man.

13. Here is a bridge in Sequim, Washington that, apparently, is great for lounging around.

14. Base jumping is yet another hazardous adventure that can't be ignored. 

15. Need a place to go ice climbing? How about this place in Iran?

16. The redwood is the biggest tree type in the United States, so it must be the ultimate tree climbing location.

17. Need some more extreme kayaking locations? Try Victoria Falls.

18. Resting is always important during extreme activities. The world's most daring free-climber, Alex Honnold, takes a quick break on this enormous piece of earth.

19. Trapeze performance and paragliding have an unusual bond in this high-risk sport.


20. Here is how to do slacklining like a real adrenaline junkie.

21. The Cliffs of Moher's bike trails are only fit for the daredevils at heart.

22. This man demonstrates urban exploration at its finest.

23. Here are a couple of people just hanging around at the Escalando Mountains, having the adventure of a lifetime.

24. Getting sick of regular skiing? Extreme skiing might be the perfect alternative.

25. The "Fantastic Pit" cave in Mexico is an excellent location for some rappelling.

26. Rio de Janeiro looks even better from up here.

27. Mustang Wanted getting up to some crazy shenanigans yet again!

28. "Russia's Spiderman,” Kirill Oreshkin, clearly isn’t afraid of  heights. 

Credit: Dose | LifeBuzz

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