These Pictures Seem Common, But It's Where They Were Taken Makes Them Incredibly Rare And Special.

Picture modern-day Afghanistan and what do you see? Although images of war and poverty often come to mind, the country was not always that way. Recently, pictures have resurfaced on Facebook, showing images of an Afghanistan that many have forgotten – take a look.

Here is a group of Afghan women in the 1940’s. In those days, sunglasses were still considered a luxury item. 

Kabuli fashion of the 1960’s is on full display in this photo of women heading to a class. 

It’s hard to believe that less than 50 years ago, this was Afghanistan. 

Just like in America, records were popular during the 1960’s. 

And young people often gathered to hear bands or performers. 

Becoming a flight attendant was a mysterious and exciting career choice for the adventurous young women. 

And bus travel was common throughout the country.

Here is Kabul in the 1960’s – an absolutely picturesque place. 

Clearly, there were some very wealthy citizens. 

Although there were also modern and affordable housing options for more average folks. 


Kandahar Airport was built during this time of prosperity…

Allowing many outsiders to visit the region. 

Believe it or not, Afghanistan was a great place for a road trip. 

There were many parks for mothers and children to play. 

And restaurants were friends and business associates could gather. 

The elite, of course, held their own dinners. 

The Kabul University graduating class of 1960 was a large group of fresh-faced co-eds. 

In fact, many Afghanistan women pursued higher education during the 1960’s. 

For the first time, short hair and short skirts were in style. 

Many women chose careers in offices, working as secretaries or assistants. 

Others turned their attention to factories or medicine…


While the most inquisitive minds were recruited by science. 

There was also a booming fashion industry. 

And many department stores where clothes could be purchased. 

Check out these stylish women hanging out at the Kabul Airport. 

In December 1969, Afghanistan models and designers were featured in the magazine “Vogue”. 

They made the cover, and quite an impression. 

The magazine pictures may be unrealistic…

But they show off Afghanistan culture in a way that few have seen before. 

This black and white photo of schoolgirls could have been taken anywhere in the world…

But it belongs to Afghanistan – let’s not forget it. 

Seeing pictures like this really makes history come alive. Share these incredible images with your friends and family – it’s unlikely that they’ve ever seen anything like them. 

Credit: Messy Nessy Chic | Mohammad Qayoumi and Farid Dastan

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