These Puns Are So Bad They’re Ridiculously Good And Have You Rolling

We promise that this article isn't some kind of pun-ishment for you. In fact, we believe that if you take a pun-t on this, then you'll soon be happy that you've read it. 

These 25 puns all pack a bit of a pun-ch, and while not every groan will be pun-ctual, we promise that you'll find that the laughter is pun-stoppable once it begins. 

You see, we love wordplay and we believe that you will too once you've checked out these 15 little gems. It's a bit of a pun-dertaking, but very much worth your while.

1. Unbearable


This is an easy one to get the ball rolling, you'll just have to grin and bear this one. Thanks to @Tai_Harp_ on Twitter for bringing it to our attention.

2. Getting Visual


This is what they call a visual pun. The two key elements are in the picture and then gently spelled out for us, too. It's not at all cat-astrophic is it?

3. A Royale With Cheese


This one might take a moment or two; it did for us. No? It's a quarter-pounder with cheese. That's actually pretty good, right?

4. Tide-y Work


Well, we hope that this one will tide you over until the next pun. Just let the joke wash over you and move on. It'll be fine, we promise. 

5. Ciabatta Pun Harder


This pun's quite cruel. That cat doesn't look at all in-bread to us. We enjoy a little impressionism in our visual puns, but this one's just cereal. 

6. What A Hack


We saw this one and thought everyone will know that's a chainsaw. Though we don't think much of their supply chain management. Do you?

7. They're Getting Bread-er Right?


We do like these neat loafers that have been carved out of bread. We would imagine that they'd keep your feet nice and toasty. 

8. Oh Just Grow Up


Of course, that's assuming that this isn't a reference to the young man from Never-Neverland because if it is, that's not happening. 


9. A Serious One


Take a careful look, and if you feel like punching the screen in frustration, don't. You could be charged with a-salt and battery. Isn't that just wonderful?

10. Two For The Price Of One


You can't say we don't furnish the best value for our readers. You might want to seat down and enjoy these two wonderful moments of word play. 

11. At Least They Know It


They get marks for honesty here. But what would a suitable pun-ishment be for this kind of pun? A year in the pun-itentiary? 

12. Moshing Hardware


This may be the Queen of all personal home computer system accessories. We wonder if the owner will be a "big man some day?" Sorry, that was bad. 

13. A Kettle Trap?


This one could be the hottest puns we've found so far. If you look hard enough, you might find a gorilla or two in there. 

14. Gene Simmons With Garlic?


Of course, this one's pretty easy when you think about it - it's a French kiss. We wonder if they're having a "crazy, crazy, night?"

15. A Spice-y One


This one caused us to a double-take, but once we'd seen it, we were really impressed. We'd say we got it just in thyme. 

16. Too Cute


In case you needed a little boost of confidence today, just remember that you are, in fact, a-Dora-bowl.

17. What A Paradox


This pair of docks would be a paradox if one of them always told the truth while the other always lies.

18. No Reservations


You've got to read between the lines a little bit.


19. Totally Drained


Don't mind me, I'm just pouring my Life down the drain. When am I going to get my act together?

20. Music To My Ears


The nerve of this kid! That would be a strict no-no in my house too.

21. You Talkin' To Me?


If it's the version of him from Taxi Driver, I think I'd prefer De Faro. 

22. They're Real!


In case you were one of those skeptical types, this photo is concrete and irrefutable evidence of a ghost on tape.

23. How's The Weather?


Well, to be honest, you may want to bring your coat and scaf because it's actually a little chili out there! 

24. These Puns Are Wild


Get otter here with those terrible puns! It's like you were trying to be cheesy on porpoise.

25. Spring Has Sprung


"Ok, I'll admit it, that was a pretty good pun, Jeff."

"Thank you very mulch!"

"... you're fired, Jeff."

Weren't they all pun-tastic? We thought so. We hope that you did too. 

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