These Recently Released Candid Photos Of The Kennedy's Show A Whole New Side Of The Family

This week, one Nate. D. Sanders memorabilia auction is starting at $10,000, but the contents are truly priceless pieces of history (such as 79 never-before-seen photographs of the Kennedy family). These photos come by way of the family's nanny, Maud Shaw, who lived alongside the famous family for seven years. These photographs of the former First Family's private lives have never been seen by the public before now and will be going up for auction alongside a custom-made maternity dress worn by Jacqueline Kennedy during her pregnancy in 1960.

Jacqueline Kennedy and Caroline celebrate Easter on a manicured green lawn.

John F. Kennedy enjoying a casual day in the sun during his brief presidency.

Equestrian Jackie teaching Caroline how to ride.

Even more than 20 years after her passing, Jackie O's style is revered and often imitated.

Maud Shaw began working with the Kennedys shortly after Caroline's birth and continued as their nanny during their White House years.

Shaw was the children's caretaker during the time of their father's assassination on November 22nd, 1963.


She stayed with the family for two years after John F. Kennedy's death before retiring and moving to London.

The family often vacationed at the waterfront Kennedy compound on Cape Cod, as in this photo with a very young John.

And this photo with an older John in a Fair Isle sweater.

Crawling through a statue.

Caroline and her Welsh terrier on Christmas day.

The Kennedy family enjoying a beach day.

Shortly before becoming First Lady, Jackie Kennedy hired designer Oleg Cassini to create her wardrobe in 1960.


John Kennedy Jr. was born later that year, so it is unclear if this maternity dress was created by Cassini.

John Kennedy Jr. was born two weeks after his father was elected the 35th president.

Of the immediate Kennedy family, Caroline is the only child still alive. 

Maud Shaw passed away in 1988. Her keepsakes from her time with the Kennedy family were inherited by her relatives.

Check out the auction details at the Nate Sanders website for more information on this incredible historic find.

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