These Shipping Containers Only Cost About $2,000, But What These 15 People Do With Them Is Awesome.

With housing prices skyrocketing way above what first time homeowners can afford, more and more people are getting creative with their homes. The Tiny House movement is taking off throughout the United States, since 2005, and is starting to spread globally throughout Japan and Europe as well.

With the price of a shipping container-- the kind you see being being pulled behind a train, for example-- running at approximately $2,000, they are becoming an attractive option for the rudimentary framework for Tiny Home starters.

1. By pulling away one of the walls, you've got a gorgeously open space that invites the outside in.

2. This dark blue container is anything but stuffy when paired with an orange complementary color scheme.

3. There's no rule about keeping the original rectangular shape either.

4. This is just impossibly spacious.


5. You can even spring for two containers and build a second story.

6. Pretty sure this home will be able to withstand just about anything.

7. There is more than enough space for three people.

8. A sliding garage door makes it easy to get fresh air in.

9. This house is super modern.

10. While this one has a cute, rustic country charm.


11. How can you not smile when you see this house?

12. Wait a minute, there's a pool? OK, I'm officially on board.

13. This one makes the most of a living roof for outdoor lounging.

14. Lofting the containers lets the base stay open and airy.

15. I'm in. Are you?

Credit: Reddit

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