These Shows Suddenly Replaced Characters And Thought No One Would Notice

Sometimes TV shows need to replace the actors who play certain characters. Maybe the actor wants to be freed up for other opportunities, or the showrunners decide they want to take the character in a different direction. Point is, it happens all the time and nobody minds it.

However, it's also fair to say that it might be nice sometimes if there was some explanation on screen for the changeover. It's a rare event when the replacement bears much resemblance to the person they are replacing, after all.

So, here are a bunch of shows where they switched out on us without telling us why - we've found out why and would like to share it with you. Check it out.

1. Daario Naharis - Game Of Thrones Season 3


Ed Skrein is carrying the role of Daario Naharis when we first meet him in the world's most popular TV show, Game of Thrones.

2. A Dramatic Transformation - Michiel Huisman - Season 4

IB Times

Then in Season 4, Skrein found another job in the movie The Transporter and a replacement had to be found. Actor Michiel Huisman took up the mantle.

3. Aunt Vivian - The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air - Seasons 1 -3

US Magazine

Janet Hubert seemed such an integral part of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air that it would be impossible for her to leave it. Yet, she did.

4. Clash Of Will - Seasons 4 Onwards

Entertainment Weekly

Will Smith and Janet Hubert apparently hated each other and when push came to shove, Will was the star. Daphne Maxwell Reid took over in Season 4 and beyond.


5. Ann Veal - Arrested Development - Season 1


Alessandra Toressani was the actress chosen to play Ann/Egg in Arrested Development. The character was meant to be utterly forgettable and the actress was always planned to change.

6. Change Of Plan - Season 2 Onwards


That plan changed when Mae Whitman arrived in Season 2 of the show. It was felt that the audience didn't need to be confused by constant changes, so she stayed.

7. Lily - Modern Family - Seasons 1 And 2


Originally, Lily in Modern Family was played by the twins Jaden and Ella Hiller. This makes life easy for shooting young children because when one is grumpy, the other can stand in. Except as they grew up, it turned out neither of them wanted to be in the show.

8. Down To One - Season 3 Onwards

B Book

Aubrey Anderson-Emmons was brought in as the substitute for the twins and has been with the show ever since. Audiences really took to her on-screen presence.

9. Becky - Roseanne - All Seasons

Pics Of Celebrities

Alicia Goranson was the first actress cast as Becky in Roseanne. She continued to play the role throughout the series even as she went to college.

10. Cross-over Becky - All Seasons

Pics Of Celebrities

Goranson's college schedule was too tight for filming sometimes. So, they brought in Sarah Chalke as a replacement but kept bringing back Goranson when her schedule allowed. They even call this out in an episode of the show by mocking Becky's changing appearance.


11. Laurie - That 70's Show - Season 1 - 6


Lisa Robyn Kelly didn't get that much screen time in That 70's Show because her character was supposed to be in college for much of the time.

12. Reading, Not Snorting, Lines - Season 6 Onwards

That 70s Show

Lisa Robyn Kelly had a substance abuse problem and passed away unexpectedly at the age of 43. Christina Moore was drafted in to replace her on the show.

13. Meg Griffin - Family Guy - Season 1

Famous Dude

Yes, Family Guy's most "revolting" character was played by a babe in the form of Lacey Chabert. However, she had to leave for other commitments including Party of Five.

14. That 70s Girl - Season 1 onwards


Then in an incredible moment of fate, Mila Kunis, another stone-cold fox, stepped up to the mic to voice Meg Griffin. It doesn't make the character any more likable, though.

15. Carol - Friends - No More

Huffington Post

Ross's ex-wife, Carol, is first played by Anita Barone (left) in Friends and then by Jane Sibbett (right). 

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