These Signs Are Just As Random As They Are Hilarious. #19 Had Me Cracking Up

Everyone has a story about a perfect sign, one so poorly worded or perfectly phrased that it makes them crack up every time. This might be why the Internet is chock full of stories like these, ones that compile some of the absolute greatest signs. Whether they're on the side of a road, outside a store, in a bathroom or just in an entirely random location for no apparent reason, some signs are just too good to ignore. Below, you'll find a list of signs that are equal parts random and hilarious. Enjoy, and get ready to laugh. 

1. Here's hoping whoever made this sign did so on purpose... that wouldn't be a fun fall.

2. The sign guy wants you to know...

3. How do you obey this sign?

4. This sign never learned how to swim.

5. This fella is feeling a little neglected.

6. What a nice sign.

7. Brutal, but honest.

8. Someone has spent a little too much time on social media.


9. Is the cashier a puppy? Let's hope so.

10. There's a fine line between the two, you see.

11. Wouldn't dream of it.

12. What an adorable mistake.

13. Well, he definitely gets points for honesty.

14. They don't have a lot, but they protect what they've got.

15. The rules are simple, but the stakes are high.

16. And just what are we supposed to do during this time?

17. Ask the big questions.


18. Do I have to?

19. It's a foolproof plan.

20. They're not going to sugarcoat this.

21. You're not really giving me a choice, but you're welcome.

22. If you can see the grass, you've gone too far.

23. I don't really want to know why this sign was necessary...

Well, there you have it. Sometimes, it's best to just do what the sign says. Other times, it's best to take a picture of it and let everyone else enjoy. 

Via: LifeBuzz

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