These Sleeping Pods Are 400 Feet Above Peru's Sacred Valley. The Scariest Part Is How You Get There

If you're going to be visiting Peru, have zero fear of heights and would literally dangle off a cliff for the perfect sunset shot,  Skylodge might be just the hotel for you. Forget fancy amenities like turn-down service-- your room number is a see-through capsule wedged against the side of a mountain. 

Skylodge is in the city of Cuzco, overlooking Peru's Sacred Valley.

The height of the pods allows for privacy from the outside world while still letting the gorgeous vista in on all sides.

When you're ready for breakfast, you can zipline back down to the ground level.


At Skylodge, you'll never have to worry about noisy neighbors in the room above you. 

There's no elevator service. You'll have to scale 400-feet yourself.

The rooms are small-- just 26 by 78-feet-- but the views are unparalleled.

That is, if looking down and seeing this doesn't make your palms sweat.

There are even bathroom amenities built right in.


The layout of the Skylodge rooms is gorgeously modern and a completely unique way to see this spectacular part of Peru.

And get the kind of vacation photo that make your acrophobic friends think you are out of your mind.

Check out the full ascent into a Skylodge room here:

Via: Natura Vive

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