These Start Out As Regular Pieces Of Wood. But When He's Done With It, Something Stunning Emerges.

When Imgur user CRenfro89 knew his wife wanted a new coffee table, he could have easily just breezed by Ikea and grabbed one. But he went a step further and built something truly tremendous.

It started with a dream... and a bunch of 4x4's.

Here's a cross-section of what will eventually be the top square piece.

Here is the top piece, waiting for the interior's paint.

Now the interior ring is painted black, and a piece of 1/4" plywood is ready to support the mirror.


Here's a closeup of the area where the LED's and top glass will go.

The legs are attached and the wood sanded.

And stained with three coats of Danish oil in dark walnut.

The LED's go in.

It's a party in here.


The power and wifi controller are mounted like this. The Android app Magic Color V2 controls the lights.

And voila, ready for Christmas morning.

Pretty cool infinity effect.

And here it is in its permanent location.

Credit: Imgur

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