These Stories Of Animals Acting Like Humans Will Make You Wonder About Their Intelligence

The word "anthropomorphism" means the trait that people have of giving animals human qualities. The idea is that somehow it's a little crazy to assign human motivations to an animal.

We respectfully disagree with the people that believe this. We've seen, and every single pet owner has seen it too, too many animals acting like people for it to make much sense. In fact, we'd like to share some examples of this with you, told by Reddit users of their own experiences of the times that animals acted far more like people than you could reasonably expect them to.

1. The Doggy With The Sweetest Tooth


"We once came home to find my dog had ripped into a multi-pack of mini chocolate bars and sweets and gone to town on them. However, we couldn't bring ourselves to tell him off because he'd also placed an unopened chocolate on my bed, my sister's bed and my parents' bed."

"I guess he thought if he shared the chocolate with us all we wouldn't be mad."

2. The Pigeon That Struts Its Funky Stuff


"I once watched a pigeon jay-walk. It never once tried to fly. It just walked to the edge of the curb. Looked both ways for cars, and then started walking. Got to the yellow line on the road and stopped again. It waited while a few cars went by, and then looked both ways again, and continued walking across to the other curb."

"It was fascinating. It must have learned by watching other people doing it."

3. The Crow That Went Nuts


"There was a crow who would drop walnuts on the road waiting for cars to run them over. It would then wait at the crosswalk with people for the light to change. When it would, it would walk over and eat the broken walnut."

4. The Pooch That Stole The Bed


"My dog once outsmarted me. He tricked me into getting up to let him out on a cold winter morning... only as soon as I turned the corner he jumped up into my warm spot in the bed, curled up tight, and then studiously ignored me when I came back in the room. That bonehead. Best dog ever."

5. The Great Dane That Dodged The Girl


"I had a large lovable great dane, about 140 lbs. One day my husband, my sister in law, and I were sitting in the living room watching my 33-year-old niece play with the dog on the floor. At one point my niece grabbed the dog's stuffed toy and walked away with it. The dog got up and followed her to where she stood in the corner.

So my niece is standing in the corner playing with the toy and facing the wall and my large dog is looming behind her looking over her shoulder at the toy in her hands. The dog turns back and looks at us grown ups on the couch, then looks back at the toy, then looks back at us, then back at the toy."

"Finally he turned his head, and staring at us, lifted his giant dog foot and punched my nieces head into the wall in front of her. She immediately exploded into tears, dropped the toy, and stood there sobbing and holding her forehead."

"The dog calmly and very daintily picked up the toy and took it to his bed and laid down."


6. Cat Confidence Trickster Starts Young


"We used to have two kittens. One day at the dinner table one of them stood up and put two paws on my dad's lap. We all laughed at her obvious attempt at trying to steal food. While our attention was focussed on her, her sister jumped straight onto the table and stole a whole chicken drumstick. They both sprinted away and shared it nearby. We were all impressed."

7. The Hound That Had One Over On Them


"This was my dog. I was eating a bagel on the couch and he was sitting on the floor next me, just eyeing me down. You could tell he wanted some, but I wasn't giving into his cute persuasions."

"He calmly walks over the mud room door and rings his bell that lets us know that he has to go to the bathroom. So I get off the couch, put my bagel on the coffee table and walk into the mudroom. Well between the time I got up and walked to the mudroom door, he ran around, back through the kitchen and had snagged my bagel off the table. I didn't even try to get it back from him, the slick bastard deserved his prize."

"I realized who was the smartest being in the house that day."

8. The Safety Conscious Squirrel


"Saw a squirrel on our campus look both directions on our main street before crossing to avoid cars. Not even our students seem to do that."

9. The Crafty Cat Turns Human Whisperer


"When my big orange tabby cat wanted me up to feed him breakfast he got into the habit of coming into the bedroom and meowing loudly around 5 am. I soon cured him of that by getting up and quietly locking him in the bathroom for an hour or so while I got some more sleep. Sure enough, after a few times he stopped waking me up with those loud 'MEOOOWS!'"

"But I found I still would wake up early for some unknown reason with the cat on the floor by my bed staring at me expecting breakfast. It wasn't until one morning when I woke up really early and was just lying in bed thinking of getting up when I heard the smallest meow you could ever hear—just a little tiny kitten like "mew". He then waited a minute or two and then repeated. He basically did this non-stop at irregular intervals just within hearing range so I wouldn't know that he had woken me up. Smart cat."

10. The Sandwich Stealing Seagull Gets Revenge


"When I was about 11 or 12 years old I was with my family on a beach. There was a seagull there that had stolen a sandwich from our beach blanket. It had grabbed the sandwich, flew away, and landed about 100 feet from us."

"So I picked up a racquetball and tried to hit the seagull with it. I missed, but was close enough to startle the seagull. It flew into the air, swooped back down, picked up the ball, and proceeded to drop it like 200 yards out at sea."

11. The Cunning Corgi Thief


"We used to have two dogs: Lillian the Chihuahua and Einstein the Corgi. We had to feed them separately because Ein would gobble up all of Lillian's food, while Lillian preferred to graze at her own leisure like a cat."

"So, we set up Lillian's food bowl on a small desk in the corner of the living room, because Lillian could hop directly up to the desk to eat when she wanted, and Ein was too corgi-esque to make the jump."

"This arrangement worked great for a while until one day we noticed that Lillian's food was disappearing faster than usual lately. So we started to monitor the situation a bit more closely. Then we found what was happening, by quietly peeking around the corner when we heard some movement in the living room."

"We watched Ein deliberately push out the chair under the desk, hop from the chair to the desk, gobble up ALL of Lillians food, hop back down, and I kid you not: push the chair back under. It was the most devious thing I've ever seen."


12. The Bird That Faked An Injury


"There was a flock of little birds outside of a French bakery in California. They would pick at bits of scones and croissants people threw away in the trash cans nearby, and many of them would approach people for scraps. We noticed one particular bird hopping around on one leg begging for scraps, and we gave it a little bit of our bread. As soon as it had the bit of food in its beak, I swear to god it looked right at me and dropped its other leg to the ground."

13. The Ducks That Went Quackers


"I was once walking from my grandparents' house to the shops, and accidentally went the very long way, which happened to go past a creek (there may have been more water I couldn't see) and park where ducks liked to live. I saw two ducks walk towards the road, and at the edge, one duck put its wing in front of the other duck to stop it, looked both ways and waited for a car to pass, walked to the center line of the road with the other duck, and repeated. I have never regretted not bringing my camera more."

14. The Horse That Led A Prison Break


"My horse knows how to unlock gates with his nose. Most of the stalls have a slide lock that they usually just leave alone. Not Rex. We had to put a bottom lock on the door he couldn't reach."

"One day one of the newer people locked him in his stall but forgot the bottom latch; then walked away. Rex unlocked his door and then went to the other stalls and let the other horses out. Then he led them on a charge to grassy freedom."

15. The Crow That Swapped Things


"I made a crow friend while smoking on the porch. I gave it fragments of whatever food I could find on the way out. One day, I found an empty pack of Marb on the porch. Puzzled, but I threw it away. Few days later, I found my crow bro standing behind 3 empty packs of cigarettes. I tried to pick them to throw away, but the crow bro was protecting them for some reason.

Frustrated, but I gave it a small chunk of meat as I took another drag. As I gave it the meat, the crow picked up one of the packs and placed it front of me. Then, it hit me: the crow is trading with me. The trade went on for few more times until the winter hit Minnesota."

Animals are quite amazing. You never know when they're going to seem to be more human than we are.

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