These Stunning Photographs Display Wild Animals As The Beautiful Creatures They Really Are

Sure we humans live at the top of the food chain. We're responsible for fire, the wheel, the very Internet you're reading this on. But lest we get too full of ourselves, let's check out these absolutely incredible photos of animals in all their full natural majesty and cunning. As Albert Einstein once said, "Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better."

1. This frog built and all-natural boat and umbrella to stay afloat during a rainstorm.

2. A warthog and a lion duke it out for survival.

3. This bear waves at the camera.

4. Ants are able to lift several times their own body weight.

5. This bear takes a moment from his busy schedule to stop and smell the flowers.

6. Red eyes glowing against a dark swamp allow smaller animals to see where deadly predators are hiding.

7. This shark swims up to an all-you-can-eat buffet.

8. These adorable primates huddle together.

9. The coconut octopus adds a little flair to the Pacific Ocean floor.

10. Two stallions battle it out for dominance.

11. Parrots grooming each other with a little tickle.


12. A clown fish and an eel size each other up.

13. An owl and woodpecker fight it out for their perches.

14.  A lion cub and its mother share a break to rehydrate.

15. Tadpoles swim in the golden hue of a pond beneath the water lilies.

16. A red frog gazes out into the distance.

17. A mouse and an owl.

18. Two frogs in love.

19. Butterflies drinking crocodile tears.

20. This half-moon Betta fish's colors are so stunning, they look surreal.

21. A hitchhiking lizard.

22. A tiger cools down during a hot day.

23. A shark leaps up into the air for its lunch.


24. A fox opens its eyes after a nap.

25. An arctic fox loves the snowy landscape.

26. A leopard having a meal aloft on a tree branch.

27. Two tigers wrestle among the snow.

28. A mama polar bear gives her cub a ride across the lake.

29. An ant feasts on a single drop of water.

30. This African viper is gorgeous but deadly.

31. This baby elephant makes friends with little chicks.

32. An elephant mourns a late friend in an elephant graveyard.

33. The cuckoo wasp displays a dizzying array of colors.

Via: Imgur

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