These Surreal Photos Reveal How Children's Bedrooms Look Around The World. The Contrast Is Humbling.

In his incredible photo essay, "Where Children Sleep", photographer James Mollison documents children from around the world and the bedrooms they inhabit. Mollison is at a unique advantage for conceiving this project; he was born in Kenya, raised in England and now works out of Venice.

7-year-old Indira and her home in Nepal.

8-year-old Ahkohxet and her home in Brazil.

9-year-old anonymous boy from the Cote d'Ivoire.


9-year-old Alex and his home in Brazil.

9-year-old Tzvika and his home in The West Bank.

10-year-old Douha and her home in The West Bank.

11-year-old Joey and his home in Kentucky.


14-year-old Rhiannon and her home in Scotland.

15-year-old Nantio and her home in Northern Kenya.

15-year-old Risa and her home in Kyoto.

Credit: Bored Panda

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